Kiss my ass, fidel.


This bottle will be opened and enjoyed when The Free Cuban addresses the world tonight. I’ll sit there highball glass in hand watching my Senator respond to the President’s prevarications and bask in the thought that Marco Rubio not only represents me as an American, but also as a Cuban. And each word will be a succinct and dignified “Fuck you” to every castroite, every castro sycophant, every castro hypocrite and every tyrant that usurps God’s given freedoms from any individual.

fidel and raul and their ilk will hate very syllable of Senator Rubio’s speech tonight, and I’m gonna drink to that.



3 thoughts on “Kiss my ass, fidel.

  1. Indeed, I’ll bypass POTUS BS speech and watch the Senator’s.

    Fidel (if alive by that time, I highly doubt it), Raul and their irk will greatly suffer if the Senator becomes the next President of the USA in 2016.

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