This is what can happen when you visit Hell and meet with the Devil

Hey !  Surprise, surprise, surprise !  It turns out that his visit to Castrogonia was a major turning point for His Holiness Benedict XVI.
Being there convinced him he must resign.  Mere coincidence, this trip to Hell and his decision to resign?  You decide.  But keep in mind that in Pope Benedict’s worldview there are no mere coincidences.  Everything is determined by Divine Providence.
Pope decided to resign after Cuba trip, Vatican advisor says

Vatican City, Feb 13, 2013 / 12:01 am (CNA).- Pope Benedict XVI’s decision to step down from his office was made soon after his trip to Mexico and Cuba in March 2012, according to a senior communications officer at the Vatican.

“What’s interesting is how long ago this decision was made, shortly after the Pope’s trip to Cuba, which was in March of last year,” said Vatican advisor Greg Burke.

On Feb. 11, Pope Benedict XVI announced to a gathering of cardinals in Rome that he no longer has the strength to carry out the office of the papacy and will resign on Feb. 28. He is 85 years of age.

Burke confirmed that the decision was made months ago, after a six-day trip during which the pontiff was described as visibly tired and speaking with a strained voice.

Burke’s comments countered media rumors that the decision to retire was tied to the scandal of Pope Benedict’s one-time butler, Paolo Gabriele, who stole confidential Vatican documents and leaked them to the media. The decision in March “was before the whole butler story even broke,” Burke observed.

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4 thoughts on “This is what can happen when you visit Hell and meet with the Devil

  1. Too bad he didn’t retire before the Cuba trip. If he couldn’t or wouldn’t do anything to help Cuba, he should have done nothing harmful or hurtful.

  2. The Vatican may not care, but I won’t forgive Benedict’s conduct in Cuba without a formal apology. It’s the very least the RCC owes the Cuban people.

  3. Ditto asombra,

    The RCC has serious issues that is not going away anytime soon because its top leadership have serious flaws regardless of their so touted “holiness”.

    Until the RCC promotes new, honest Cardinals with high moral and conservative values that stand up for freedom and human rights around the world (no matter who commit these abuses)the RCC won’t regain it lost reputation.

    The several scandals that plague the RCC today are further proof of failed leadership at the very top.

    With lefty Cardinals like Bertone at the top of the RCC, the Church has a cloudy future at best.

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