Yoani Sanchez to visit the U.S. in March


Café Fuerte is reporting that Cuban blogger Yoani Sanchez will be visiting the U.S. in March. She will be attending a symposium in New York City titled The Revolution Recodified: Digital Culture and the Public Sphere In Cuba, which will take place March 15 through the 17th. The event is organized by a group of academic and cultural organizations, including the New School’s Academic Events Fund, NYU’s center for Latin American and Caribbean studies, and the Association for the Study of the Cuban Economy (ASCE).

Yoani is scheduled to arrive in New York on March 14th on a flight from Mexico.

Read the entire report (in Spanish) HERE.



6 thoughts on “Yoani Sanchez to visit the U.S. in March

  1. heh. so Yoani finally gets to leave the communists in Havana…and she goes on a world-wide meet and greet tour of the the leftists, fellow travelers and communists that have been apologizing for and cheerleading her oppressors for half a century? i dont get it. anyone knows if she’s going to the vatican?

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