Having A Hard Time Finding Ammo?

I know we are. My husband was up at 5 this morning and off to a local big box store to check the shelves for ammo for our guns. He came home empty-handed (again). He and my Dad check a few times a week. And it is not just our caliber of guns. Friends with others are complaining as well.

Gateway Pundit outlines one of the problems we are all having these days: “Homeland Security Now Armed With Enough Ammo for 24 Year-Long Iraq War”

Obama’s Homeland Security Department has purchased 1.4 billion rounds of ammunition – that is not a typo — during the last six months.

That’s in addition to other large volume gun and ammo purchases various other federal government departments have made in the last 4-5 years.


In a puzzling, unexplained development, the Obama administration has been buying and storing vast amounts of ammunition in recent months, with the Department of Homeland Security just placing another order for an additional 21.6 million rounds.

Several other agencies of the federal government also began buying large quantities of bullets last year. The Social Security Administration, for instance, not normally considered on the frontlines of anything but dealing with seniors, explained that its purchase of millions of rounds was for special agents’ required quarterly weapons qualifications. They must be pretty poor shots.

But DHS has been silent about its need for numerous orders of bullets in the multiple millions. Indeed, Examiner writer Ryan Keller points out Janet Napolitano’s agency illegally redacted information from some ammunition solicitation forms following media inquiries.

According to one estimate, just since last spring DHS has stockpiled more than 1.6 billion bullets, mainly .40 caliber and 9mm. That’s sufficient firepower to shoot every American about five times. Including illegal immigrants.

To provide some perspective, experts estimate that at the peak of the Iraq war American troops were firing around 5.5 million rounds per month. At that rate, DHS is armed now for a 24-year Iraq war.

Technically, ALL those guns and ammo belong to us, the American people. However, given the current state of the federal government’s debt and its financial practices, it could belong to China.

I believe it is well past time we all call our representatives in Congress and demand they hold hearings on these massive purchases and hoarding of weapons and ammunition by ALL federal government departments, and then consider closing the purse strings to these departments. I dare say, were this a republican administration making these mass purchases the MSM would be demanding answers. Instead, they are too busy calling for our guns and ammo to be banned and/or confiscated.

Meanwhile, democrats in individual state legislatures are making moves to remove Second Amendment rights of their states’ constituents.

“Missouri Democrats Introduce Gun-Grabbing Legislation”

“Democrats Seek to Ban Hunting Ammunition in Wisconsin, Would Make It Illegal To Hunt Deer And Bear In The State”

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