“JFK secretly freed rapists, drug dealers and Mafia hitmen to kill Castro!” Claims new book. (The sequel to the fifty billionth sequel)

Ted and Arthur and R-12

Knights of Camelot Ted Sorensen and Arthur Schlesinger in Havana for circle-jerk with Soviets and Cubans touted as The Missile Crisi 40 Years Later Conference.


JFK’s Sec.of Defense McNamara with onetime “foe.” (picture taken during same circle-jerk.)

President John F. Kennedy secretly endorsed the release of hardened criminals to assassinate Cuban leader Fidel Castro to curb the Communist threat, a new book has claimed.

At the height of tensions between America and neighbouring Communist Cuba in the early 1960s, JFK was implicit in the freeing of rapists, drug dealers, and Mafia hitmen through CIA in a bid to recruit ‘untraceable’ spies willing to risk their lives on dangerous missions rather than go back to jail, a new book sensationally claims.

Desperate to remove Castro from power, the president resorted to using dangerous criminals as operatives – rather than CIA agents – to ‘do America’s dirty work’ as they couldn’t be linked back to his administration, it is claimed.

In one failed plot, an ex con was smuggled into Cuba in 1962 to pose as a waiter in Castro’s favourite restaurant where he would drop poison tablets into the revolutionary leader’s soup.

As an antidote to this 30 year barrage of (mostly) BS here’s some clarifications from our friends at Frontpage Magazine:

E. Howard Hunt was head of the political division of the CIA’s “Cuba Project.” “So far as I have been able to determine,” Hunt clarified in his book Give Us This Day, “no coherent plan was ever developed within the CIA to assassinate Castro, though it was the heart’s desire of many exile groups.” Interestingly, Hunt stressed that killing Castro was his own recommendation. But he couldn’t get any serious takers within the agency.

This may have been because there were so many Castro supporters in the CIA at the time. Consider these quotes from CIA officials:

“Me and my staff were all Fidelistas.” (Robert Reynolds, the CIA’s “Caribbean Desk’s chief from 1957-1960.)

“Everyone in the CIA and everyone at State was pro-Castro, except [Republican] ambassador Earl Smith.” (CIA operative in Santiago Cuba, Robert Weicha.)

Howard Hunt, himself, has denied that any assassination attempts were undertaken by the CIA. Hunt has been recorded on video admitting: “We never got that far.”

Even the pro-Castro Frank Church Committee has claimed that the assassination stories were largely mythologized:

In August 1975, Fidel Castro gave Senator George McGovern a list of twenty-four alleged attempts to assassinate him in which Castro claimed the CIA had been involved…The Committee has found no evidence that the CIA was involved in the attempts on Castro’s life enumerated in the allegations that Castro gave to Senator McGovern.




2 thoughts on ““JFK secretly freed rapists, drug dealers and Mafia hitmen to kill Castro!” Claims new book. (The sequel to the fifty billionth sequel)

  1. True or false, just like the allege explosive cigar sent by Kennedy, it sounds like fabrication or utter imbecility. Such ambivalent and propagandistic meetings are, whiteout a doubt, a pathetic circle-jerk composed of Jimmy Carter like fags (sadly US’s government is full of them) and damn right there was no coherent plan nor evidence that the CIA ever attempted to assassinate Castro.

    Are we to believe that USA could not eliminate Castro in a weekend if it wanted to, come on. Did they not take out Noriega and Trujillo during a bathroom break? What there’s indeed ample evidence of is of how two-face Washington D.C. used and betrayed Batista, irresponsibly and arrogantly ignored Batista’s intelligence regarding Castro’s communist reality, how much the CIA directly helped Castro through characters like Frank Sturgis (he was not the only one), and of how the USA has protected Castro since.

    By the way, has any of these suckers, or anyone, ever explained how an island nation with an American Naval Air Station 90 miles off its coast (NAS Key West) and another American Naval base RIGHT ON ITS SOIL (Guantanamo Base) becomes a Soviet satellite state?

  2. Look at them, with their little name tags, like dessicated old alumni at a dubious reunion. Not a shred of shame or dignity between them, or they would never have stooped to take part in such a travesty. Castro must have regarded them with profound contempt, and rightly so. One can see it in his face next to the grotesque McNamara, who looks like a demented frog with age spots. How can one possibly respect such geriatric wankers, who evidently never grew up? To them this was a lark, a throwback to their “glory” days, and no doubt a good time was had by all. As for Cuba and Cubans, well, what the hell difference does THAT make? It’s not as if it ever did. Disgusting creatures, still delusionally self-important after all those years.

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