Yoani Sanchez to visit Georgetown Univ., CATO Institute and New York Times (wonder if the “embargo” will come up?)


According to Cuba “Expert” Ted Henken Yoani Sanchez will visit Georgetown Univ. and the CATO Institute next month, along with the offices of The New York Times.

So what’s been the Castro regime’s priority for over a decade?–and getting more and more crucial as month chases month? (lifting the “embargo,” of course.)

Oh we know, we know…Castro “secretly adores the embargo.” But the catalog of devastating evidence against this transparent imbecility grows. And the essential question remains: why did every Castro espionage agent from Ana Montes and the Myers’ to the Alvarez’ work against the “embargo” while working as secret agents? Why has every “agent of influence” done the same?

Georgetown Univ. is the old stomping grounds for such as Ana Belen Montes, Walter Kendall Myers, Wayne Smith, William Leogrande, Dr. Gillian Gunn Clissold. Chris Simmons refers to Georgetown Univ. as “target-rich” for Castro agents.

Some of the old Georgetown gang!

In fact the CATO Institute flouts the findings of Ana Belen Montes on its site! Will somebody please inform these ultra-educated libertarian intellectualoids that the woman’s been in prison for the same crime as the Rosenbergs?–and for well over a decade?”

Wonder if the “embargo” will come up during these visits by Sanchez?

Wonder if she’ll be hobnobbing with the Georgetown U. gang? (at least those who somehow remain out of Federal prison)

Wonder if the media will cover her visits?

Wonder if Cuba “Experts” will go into their Carnac the Magnificent mode for these media spots and shed light upon Ms Sanchez’ cryptic comments?


Wonder if these scheduled visits had anything to do with her travel permission???

Folks, we all know good and well what’s coming: brace for a Cuba “Expert”/MSM blitz and gabfest on “Famous Cuban Dissident Testifies Against Embargo! Calls it Counterproductive!”


(Tweak the “lay off” to “lay ON” and you’ll find that Carl Perkins wrote, and Elvis performed, the best instruction manual for a Cuban Dissident Who Wishes to Remain Unjailed, Unknifed, Unbludgeoned and Traveling:

Well, it’s one for the money,
Two for the show,
Three to get ready,
Now go, cat, go.

But don’t you step on my old embargo.
You can say (and write) anything but lay on my ‘ole Bloqueo.

Well, you can knock me down,
Step in my face,
Slander my name
All over the place.

Do anything that you want to do, but uh-uh,
Honey, lay on my embargo.
Don’t you step on my ole Bloqueo.
You can say (and write) anything but lay ON my ‘ole embargo.

We forget–but for his day, Elvis really kicked ass! Enjoy: Well it’s one foe the money!….

(Pero la verdad que este Fontova se pone MAS y MAS INSOPORTABLE cada dia! CALLATE, Chico!..CALLATE YA!—POR FAVOR!!!)



7 thoughts on “Yoani Sanchez to visit Georgetown Univ., CATO Institute and New York Times (wonder if the “embargo” will come up?)

  1. I don’t mean this in any particular way, but how is one able to finance a ‘world tour’ trip when you’re in a bankrupt country?

  2. Let’s wait for Joani’s statements here.

    The moment I heard her praising Obama and attacking the embargo the moment I’ll know why she was allowed to leave Cuba.

    Then I’ll go for the barf bag…

  3. No doubt, the msm will be waiting with baited breath for her to critique the embargo. No matter what she says–even if 99% of her tour is dedicated to human rights abuses inside Cuba—the msm will only be interested in her anti-embargo remarks. Just like when the late Pope John Paul II went to Cuba, his critque of the embargo became the most important remark.

  4. Freedom,

    Tragically, it is what it is. The only reason that the regime allowed Yoani to travel out of Cuba is because they are aware that they can control the situation and benefit from it. This will be a win-win for the regime. The MSM will focus–to the exclusion of other things— on her remarks that the embargo be lifted [which is of course what the regime wants] and the fact that they allow her to travel out of Cuba will give the regime the image that it is moderating, softening, evolving and reforming.

  5. Being anti-embargo gets you dispensation for a multitude of “sins.” It’s a matter of priorities for the regime. Getting the embargo lifted is very high on its list, so anybody who can lend significant aid in that department will definitely be allowed any number of “indiscretions.” Let’s put it this way: overt apologists or agents for Castro, Inc. shill for freeing the “Cuban Five;” covert or unwitting tools for Castro, Inc. advocate lifting the embargo.

    Yes, it is possible to be anti-embargo due to faulty understanding or poor judgment, as opposed to being pro-Castro, but the latter possibility should never be dismissed lightly, especially if there is anything else about the person that doesn’t add up or seems fishy. YS is definitely not above suspicion, and if she is some sort of useful idiot, she is potentially quite dangerous, regardless of her intentions (remember the road to hell). If, however, she were to be a knowing, willing tool for the Castro regime in dissident guise (for which there is East German precedent, predictably enough), then she would be lower than dirt–lower than Ana Belen Montes, which is saying something.

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