Patrick Leahy and John Kerry demand BIG STICK (!!!) against South Africa!


“The U.S. has held ideals of freedom for more than 200 years and we should not tolerate their abrogation by any other country…In any business dealings with (South Africa) we become tainted by association. We urge a policy of comprehensive sanctions. Of total disinvestment, a complete ban on imports and exports…in other words we urge adoption of a policy that demonstrates our total abhorrence of apartheid!”

The above was the rationale for voting in favor of the 1986 Comprehensive Anti-Apartheid Act, as expressed by Charles Rangel and Ron Dellums.

Needless to add both Patrick Leahy and John Kerry voted an enthusiastic AYE!

Subsequent to that vote Senator Patrick Leahy has not only voted for–but has co-sponsored– almost every bill seeking to increase trade and travel from the U.S. to Stalinist Cuba.

Regarding John Kerry?…well you already know about him. Cuba’s Stalinist rulers have few warmer friends in the U.S. than John Kerry.

And oh….that’s Senator Tom Harkin between Kerry and Ortega. Needless to add, Harkin also demanded a BIG STICK(!!!) against segregationist South Africa, along with trade and travel to Stalinist Cuba.

And oh…regarding Charles Rangel and Ron Dellums on relations with Stalinist Cuba?…you already know they make John Kerry look like Jesse Helms.




12 thoughts on “Patrick Leahy and John Kerry demand BIG STICK (!!!) against South Africa!

  1. To me, the classic and perhaps most telling instance of political hypocrisy involves the last two popes. JP II tried very hard to avoid appearing in public with Pinochet during a visit to Chile, something he should have known would be extremely difficult (and yes, Pinochet outsmarted him). Benedict XVI did the exact opposite in Cuba, going to the extreme of meeting with the “retired” Fidel and “the family” for half an hour, with photographers present, despite having claimed to have no time in his super-tight schedule for dissidents like the Ladies in White (not even a minute). If the Vatican can be this blatantly two-faced, what can we expect from secular politicians, especially leftist ones?

  2. Kerry looks like a proto-Flake, Harkin looks like he could be McGovern’s son, and the woman in the background looks like she has the hots for Ortega (too bad he likes them younger, much younger).

  3. I expect a big reason Rangel likes Fidel has nothing to do with race or even politics, but with the admiration of one BS artist for an even better one.

  4. I am not the curmudgeon. It’s George. A curmudgeon is like Andy Rooney, and George looks a lot more like him than I do. I look like William Levy, only more Jewish. I can’t help it if George won’t come out of that closet. Maybe Oprah could help him get in touch with his inner Andy. If that fails, there’s always Barbara Walters: “So George, if you were a tree, what kind of tree would you be?”

  5. OK, that was close. For a minute I thought George meant Florence Henderson. And Humberto, “curmudgeon” is a cutesy term in my book, which is why it fits Andy Rooney.

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