3 thoughts on “Photo of the day – The only thing Granma is good for

  1. Está cómico. Bueno, me pregunto para que sirve leer y escribir en Castrolandia, no para mucho.

    Talk about a garbage publication that would not last beyond a month (if that) under a free market economy, even if free.

    By the way, the name itself could not be more of a joke “Granma”. And to think that they even created a province named after the stupid ship. A ship which all Cuba wishes had sunk with everyone on board. Something tells me such new provinces, specially that one, are bound to go to hell along with the toilet paper/mosquito repellant (as burning smoke).

  2. This picture bring unpleasant memories from my days in Cuba…

    I still remember how I had to wet that paper because it was too rough, lol.

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