Yoani Sanchez to speak at Miami’s Freedom Tower

Cuban blogger and dissident Yoani Sanchez has added a speaking engagement on April 1st at Miami’s Freedom Tower during her world tour.

Via the Miami Herald:

Cuban blogger Yoani Sánchez to speak at Miami’s Freedom Tower


Cuban blogger Yoani Sanchez waves goodbye to her family upon departing from Havana's airport on February 17, 2013.

Dissident Cuban blogger Yoani Sánchez, who is on a world tour after 10 years of being barred from leaving her homeland, plans to visit Miami April 1 and speak at the iconic Freedom Tower.

“It is such an honor to not only have Yoani speak at what we affectionately call Democracy’s College, but also at the Freedom Tower. I can think of no better venue for this historic conversation in Miami,” said Dr. Eduardo J. Padrón, president of Miami Dade College., in an email Tuesday night.

The Freedom Tower, which is located on the MDC campus, was the old headquarters of The Miami News but went on to a second life as a center for processing and offering services to Cuban refugees who fled the Castro regime in the 1960s.

The federal government sold the Mediterranean Revival style building in the 1970s and after changing hands a few times, it was donated to Miami Dade College.

Sánchez will take part in what is billed as a special conversation with community leaders and students at 2 p.m. on April 1. The conversation will be live-streamed from the tower.

The Cuban blogger, who began an international tour this week that will stretch to nearly three months, will receive the Miami Dade College Presidential Medal for championing human rights.

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5 thoughts on “Yoani Sanchez to speak at Miami’s Freedom Tower

  1. This celebrity dissident business is grating. No doubt the concert, I mean conversation, will be a media circus, but the only question worth asking is: What difference will it make? As for Padrón, he has long been dubious in my book, though he certainly seems to know how to work PR.

  2. She is here tp promote “Evoluccion” of the current regime and to assure all that if she, a dissident is ok with it, then it’s ok! The castroite protests she has encountered are staged for the media to further legitimoze her. She’s just a soul whose intentions are good. And she is being used as a tool. Vamos Bien!

  3. The official mouthpiece of Cuban dissidents in the capital of exile, at Freedom Tower, wow ! Soon in about 50 more years Cuba will have a legitimate government .

  4. Lynx, maristas,

    Joani is already taking her mask off look for her latest statements supporting the release of the five Cuban spies.

    The hardliner/intransigent exiles are proven right one more time…

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