Cuban prison and torture victim Dr. Oscar Biscet dares contradict “Santa Yoani de los Sanchez”during her world tour


From Human Rights activist and Castro-torture victim Dr Oscar Biscet regarding the U.S. sanctions known as El Bloqueo:

“Lifting the (Cuba) embargo will only fortify (Cuba’s) dictatorial regime…I don’t say this because I’m obstinate, but simply because my life keeps demonstrating that I’m a good position to know… The Cuban regime used to get from $5 to $6 billion annually from the Soviets, and at the time Cubans all lived in misery.”

From Human Rights activist and Castro-torture victim Dr Oscar Biscet regarding the convicted terrorists and accessories to murder known as The Cuban 5:

“The Cuban 5 were convicted of crimes and deserve to serve their sentence…They were tried by judges who represent the American system and people, so they should serve their sentence.”

Human Rights activist and Castro-torture victim Dr Oscar Biscet on world-traveling “Santa Yoani de las Sanchez” as “spokersperson” for Cuban dissidents:

“Perhaps she (Yoani Sanchez) represents one faction of the opposition. But here in Cuba there are many regime opponents who think much differently. We look forward to the day when ALL dissidents will be allowed to travel outside Cuba and express themselves–especially those who think differently from her (Yoani Sanchez.)

More in Spanish here.

You know how Cuba “experts” and their Castroite “new men” auxiliaries always rant: “who are YOU to criticize Cuban dissidents?!…You’re safely here in the U.S. living the Life of Riley!!!”

Well, it ain’t exactly somebody living The Life of Riley criticizing a Cuban dissident THIS time.




9 thoughts on “Cuban prison and torture victim Dr. Oscar Biscet dares contradict “Santa Yoani de los Sanchez”during her world tour

  1. Thanks Humberto, this is why we have to be skeptical and critical of Sanchez. She is allowed to leave the island and is fetted by and fawned at by the liberal/leftist apologists in the US. It doesn’t matter that we consider her views nonsensical, the problem is that the liberal/leftists support them, and they control the ‘message machine’. Sanchez gets the airtime, while a hardcore, truly sensical opponent of the regime, like Biscet, is not allowed to assume the spotlight. I seriously doubt the regime will allow him to do what Sanchez is doing right now, because they know he’ll harshly criticize the regime and just about every aspect of that sick, twisted system. Plus, I also doubt that the Huffington Post and the MSM would give Biscet the airtime they’ll give Yoani and her pathetic “Fidelismo without Fidel” view of Cuba. The Castro’s know how to exploit the US, and the current Yoani Sanchez ‘tour de force’ is another calculated tool they will use to their advantage.

  2. SOMEone, please, take that woman to the cosmetics counter @ Macy’s ….or Navarro, if her Huffpo propaganda/speaking fees don’t allow it. No offense to Navarro – maybe she’s be afraid to set foot there. What-ever. When the barn needs painting, you really oughta paint it.

  3. My question is, how much should the exiled community, without eating her alive or being rude, play along in further hyping this girl and validating her for what she is not.

    Receiving her on a round table or a discussion? Yes, I am for that. I also see no problem in talking about her blog in a nation where the internet is highly restrained. But giving her an open microphone for her to continue divulging political frivolity, stupidities, and regurgitating communists propaganda as head dissident? No thank you, that’s not the reality of dissidents in Cuba nor their message, if that’s the case she can go back to Cuba and continue writing about the price of mangos to the bored French that care because I sure do not (I care about why Cubans can’t own land and sell their own). The fact that communists look over your blog and constantly intimidate you for doing something that’s outside of what is mandatory, and thus marked as illegal, does not really make you a dissident. That’s the daily life of any Cuban.

    Truth be told (as Alberto de la Cruz and others have already mentioned in other posts), the core of her writings have always been observations of mundane irrelevancies that may have literary value but no real analytical weight regarding communism or socioeconomic matters. Everything is – The price of this went up, how much the perfume of so and so projects, the sound of some distant diesel motor, etc. It is all very myopic to say the least and it makes it obvious why she has a blog and not Dr. Biscet or any of the others. Her foolishness serves the communists as tool and distraction while the words of the other dissidents, the ones who have seen jail and can barely leave their house, are the words that really scare them.

    The least Yoani could do when it comes to political matters is promote and expose the likes of Dr. Oscar Biscet and advocate for the real dissidents who, with less resources and no granted tours, really talk about relevant facts, do so with substance, and have paid a much higher price than her as a result.

    I am glad she is getting her recognition, expressing herself, and doing what she does but I am starting to find it insulting that a woman who does not seem to have the capacity, and in plain Cuban “no tiene ni puta idea” when it comes to political matters or the history of things, is conducting herself as the head of the dissident movement in Cuba all to say ignorant absurdities that contradict the realities said by many who have seen jail and real beatings for doing so.

  4. You nailed it even better with your last post Gallardo…

    Yoani should use her pulpit to promote and elevate above herself the real opposition in Cuba, the ones like Dr. Oscar Elias Biscet, Ladies in White, Sara Fonseca (and the others) that are constantly at the receiving end of the Castro tyranny abuses.

    If she would the courage to take these steps then I could have more respect for her. Unfortunately she does not, and instead chooses to parrot some of the the Castro tyranny talking points. To be honest to all, Yoani is the so called “dissident” that probably has received the least human abuses from the Castro tyranny goons compared with the others.

    If Yoani continues on her path of all about Yoani and parroting the Castro tyranny talking points and does not change course I guarantee you that she’ll loose more support from the Cuban-American exiles because the obvious would be exposed.

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