Sure, go ahead, complain…. we’ll take care of you right away….


Ah, the shining beacon of the Third World: magnet for aspiring medical students from the poorest countries.  Medical utopia.  Tourist utopia too, where visitors are coddled and shown very pretty things.  But, if you are a foreign medical student in the Castro Kingdom, you’d better not complain about your living conditions, because if you do you’ll end up in jail.

This is what happened to two South African students who dared to visit their country’s embassy in Havana to lodge a complaint about the squalor in which they are forced to live.

Let’s see if the New York Times, Washington Post, London Times, The Guardian, Le Monde, and El Pais pick up this story.

Alan Gross, you’ve got company.  A South African politician is now trying to get his government to do something for these two poor souls. See his plea below.


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South African medical students detained in Cuba

South African Ambassador in Cuba must aid detained students

I have today written to Minister Maite Nkoane-Mashabane requesting her to call on the South African Ambassador to Cuba, Ambassador Manana, to urgently come to the aid of South African medical students who have allegedly been detained by Cuban authorities after gathering outside the South African embassy in Havana.

The students – who are funded by the Department of Health – have informed us that department officials had promised to visit them and look into their grievances as regards their standard of living, but to date they have not been contacted by anyone from the South African government.

The detained students were reportedly picked up by Cuban authorities while waiting outside the South African embassy on Monday night and are still in custody.

Due to limited information available, it is currently unclear whether the students have actually received any official assistance from the South African authorities in Cuba.

I have asked Minister Nkoane-Mashabane to request Ambassador Manana to look into the matter urgently and provide clarity on the safety and well-being of the students.

I will also be asking Parliamentary questions in order to determine the nature of the agreement between the Department of Health and the students as regards their living conditions in Cuba.

Any South African citizens visiting or studying in foreign countries should be able to depend on DIRCO’s assistance when the need arises.

Statement issued by Ian Davidson MP, DA Shadow Minister of International Relations and Co-Operation, February 21 2013

Cuban hospital room