The Media branding of Yoani Sanchez kicks into high gear–So keep your eye on The Ball, folks


In brief: The Ball is the “embargo.” The Terrorism listing is linked. Both constrict the Stalinist regime’s jugular. Both worry the Castro regime above all else. With Hugo Chavez fading, the future of the financial flow through its jugular is making the Stalinist regime antsy. So a regime/media offensive is underway to start procuring this vital flow from the north.

“For Cuba, being able to influence U.S. policy and elite opinion-makers is equally important–possibly even more important– than recruiting spies with access to U.S. intelligence information.” (Norman Bailey Office of the Director of National Intelligence, 2007.)

To most people anywhere over .0000009 millimeters outside Miami-Dade borders the “Cuba Embargo” is a triviality they occasionally glimpse while sifting through much more important news. “Archaic,” “Counterproductive” “Hurts U.S. businesses,” “Hurts hardworking U.S. farmers,” “Hurts Cuban people,” etc., is what they probably retain from their skimming of the headlines and the highlighted quotes from Cuba “Experts.”

Now Middle America will be bombarded with the revelation that–whaddaya know!–even a gen-you-wine Cuban Dissident concurs with the “expert” views they always read and hear in the news!

And when I say “Middle America” it applies almost literally. This headline appeared today in The Kansas City Star (and in many of the other 30 syndicated McClatchy papers:)

“Yoani Sanchez may be a dissident in Cuba, but she agrees U.S. embargo must go.

Obviously if he was introduced as somebody who slips in and out of Cuba at will and takes under the table payments from Castro’s biggest partners in crime the impact of Phil Peters’ anti-embargo “expertise” would diminish. If anti-embargo propagandist Arturo Lopez-Callejas were introduced as a former Castro Intelligence official, and nephew in-law of the Stalinist dictator, same thing. So we hear from the MSM that the first is “a former Bush administration State Dept. official” and the latter a “scholar in Denver.”

“Well Hot Damn!” reacts the typical distracted reader or viewer. “Deze guys sure don’t sound like Commie-lovers to me!”

Same with Yoani Sanchez. First the “swing voters” on the embargo must be convinced that she’s a gen-you-wine and visceral opponent of Castroism. Only then does her anti-embargoism make a serious mark.

Please note: The woman’s personal motivation is not the issue here–it may well be as pure as the driven snow. Our concern is with the motivation of her facilitators–and especially with the results of her Good-Will (against the embargo) tour.

(I apologize for appearing to insult the intelligence of regular Babalu readers with these digressions, but we have many new friends from outside Miami-Dade coming aboard who need some basic background on Cuba news, and we’re delighted and honored to welcome them.)

She’s only been out of Cuba for two days, and we’ve seen some of the headlines. By the time she hits New York and Washington D.C.–can you imagine the media barrage?! And be assured no media mention will omit the “embargo,” and her oppositon to it. Just watch….and keep your eye on The Ball, folks.




8 thoughts on “The Media branding of Yoani Sanchez kicks into high gear–So keep your eye on The Ball, folks

  1. She’s just one opinion, just like we all have an opinion, her’s was formed in isolation from the rest of the free world, with the aid of the US media, she is a movement. She truly will be ‘Sainted” after all of this touring is over.

  2. Her motivation absolutely does not matter, only the effect she may have. It’s no accident or coincidence that she, among so many Cuban dissidents, has been chosen as the darling of the outside world. Again, I’m not talking about her agenda, but THEIRS. All too often, people who are used by others do NOT realize it or are in denial about it, or they cannot resist the temptation to let themselves be used in exchange for certain benefits or forms of gain. It cannot be stressed enough: if she winds up helping Castro, Inc. achieve something it wants and needs as badly as the end of the US embargo, her intentions are irrelevant–for all practical purposes, she might as well be Mariela Castro.

  3. It has always amazed me how many people believe in this woman. To me, she is a phony and don’t trust her, don’t like her, don’t believe in her. She is an opportunist and a cummy and one day the truth will be known.

  4. There is a world of difference between wanting more freedom, and wanting less Socialism.

    To Yoani, and the generations of Castrocubans, more freedom=less (or better) Socialism, and they see the concept of responsibility for one’s life not as freedom, but rather as a life burdened by needs that could be addressed by the government, willingly trading self-reliance for inferior government-provided services.

    The swing of opinion which would have Yoani embrace the traditional American concept of freedom (not freedom as defined by today’s post American Americans, but as defined by the greatest generation) is too great and too frightening to be undertaken in one step, so she may very well see Eurosocialism as a more palatable option, and one that gives her some of what she perceives to be freedom, without completely removing the safety net from under her feet.

    One day she may begin to swing back toward the definition of freedom that most of us in this site hold, but she won’t get here in one leap.

  5. “One day she may begin to swing back toward the definition of freedom that most of us in this site hold, but she won’t get here in one leap.”

    Yoani was born and raised under Castro, it’ll be quite an undertaking to sway her from her beliefs.

  6. YS is an overblown construct of foreign manufacture who’s being sold as something she’s not and cannot be, but she’s evidently more than happy to oblige. Stardom, and what comes with it, can be very seductive. This would be relatively trivial if she didn’t have the potential to do serious harm as a tool for those seeking to perpetuate, or at least prolong, Castro, Inc. (with or without an actual Castro at the helm). She DOES have that potential, and I can see it growing. I’m not sure she realizes quite what she’s playing at or the possible consequences of letting herself be used by people smarter and craftier than she is. She’s out of her depth but loves the attention, and I’m afraid it’s gone to her head. I expect she will continue overreaching to justify and cement her status. It’s a dangerous game.

  7. Picture if they had allowed Dr. Biscet to go on a lecture tour outside of Cuba. The value of the content of his speeches we would admire a good bit more, don’t you think?

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