Trouble in Medical Paradise


How dare you!

We provide you with the worst medical training in the world, feed you crappy food, house you in hovels, force you to work without compensation, and then you go on strike?

What the Hell!  Ungrateful wretches.  Cabrones.

It seems that the South African medical students arrested by the Castronoid authorities as they gathered outside their country’s embassy in Havana were not random malcontents.

As it turns out, nearly 200 of their fellow South Africans studying in the Castro Kingdom are so displeased with their living conditions that they have gone on strike.  The South African government is having a hard time dealing with these renegades.

At issue are questions of food and living stipends.  The South Africans are protesting their steady diet of pork, pork, and nothing but pork.  They also want an increase in their monthly stipend (provided by South Africa): from $200 to $700.

Whether or not they are aware of the fact that doctors in Castrogonia only earn about $50 per month remains unclear.  And whether or not they know that strikes are illegal for all Cubans also remains unclear.  Apparently, they think they are better than the natives, and deserve much more.

South African  medical students in Cuba on strike

Johanesburg-  Health Minister Aaron Motsoaledi has written letters to South African medical students in Cuba who embarked on an illegal strike in order to define the government’s position on the issue, his department said on Thursday.

On 7 February, 187 of the 1 200 South African students studying medicine in Cuba went on strike, spokesperson Joe Maila said.

Their demands include a more than 300% stipend increase, that a health attaché be sent to Cuba, and that they no longer want to be served any meal that contains pork.”

In dealing with this matter the department suspected that there might also be problems of cultural differences, adaptability and perhaps psychosocial changes, which make it difficult for them to cope with their studies,” he said.

“In this regard, the department promptly dispatched a team consisting of a senior social worker, a senior psychologist, HR manager and a doctor… to assist the students accordingly.”

He said the team joined the ambassador in Cuba, academic staff at the university and the Cuban government to negotiate with the students.

During the negotiations the students gave the embassy two ultimatums, Maila added, including that the ambassador sign a document that these demands will be met or they come back home….

Up to now we know of no student who has to abandon studies because such a matter was not resolved. Our students in Cuba are usually served alternate diets consisting of beef, chicken or pork.

“However, for the two or three weeks, the Cuban government had problems in acquiring beef and chicken, hence they could only serve what was available, which was pork,” he added.

Maila added that the stipend would not change as accommodation, food, transport and tuition is jointly sponsored by the two governments.

“For the students to firmly believe that if such a demand is not met they rather come back home, have left the minister with no option but to grant them their wish, because under no condition will the government be willing to meet such [an] outrageous and unreasonable demand of $700 (about R6 218) per month.

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  1. They probably thought they were gong to be put up in the Hotel Nacional, and here they are being treated like Cubans. Reality check, guys.

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