5 thoughts on “Guamá 444 – Dueling ironies in Cuba

  1. No matter how they want to play it, they know the Castro name is extremely tarnished and will always be a ball and chain hindering credibility, sympathy, and trust in their cry for the reestablishment of full diplomatic relations with USA.

    Plus, let’s be realistic, Fidel has kept the staunch Stalinist model in place to save his ass, not the future of those in the party. While some in the party find security with a Castro in place, the smart ones are not that calm, they know that being complacent minions of a mortal egomaniac will catch up with them because Fidel Castro is, well, mortal. They either change once he dies or they will die with him (it’s economics).

    That said, no one has had the balls to make a solo move against the obsolete dinosaur, by now they are waiting for mother nature to do it for them, but a lot of people running that tyranny are just laying low, staying put, waiting, and all with the desire to secure their futures in power by turning the place into a “reformed” Vietnam and have USA be their new sugar daddy in the form of “Made in Cuba”.

    Can they do it? Who knows but that is what they truly want at this point.

    Let’s be realistic, Raul is there because of Fidel, as head of the military to serve as protection to Fidel, and Raul knows Fidel’s existence is also his protection. The moment Fidel disappears Raul knows he will be flying solo in what could become the beginning of hunting season. Remember Perez Roque and Lage? The comments? We knew that was the sentiment towards the obnoxious fag before that incident even took place.

    Raul knows he is not liked nor respected by many inside the party and that many have ambitions they fear he’ll obstruct and derail. Thus, his statements about retirement seem to me like he is simply buying time, paving an exit, and protecting himself, his parrot son, his stupid grandson “bodyguard”, and all the other Castro freeloaders that will be taken out the moment he is taken out.

    Because rest assured, no matter what happens and no matter how much money they have in Switzerland NONE of those playboys and bluffs, all of them the product of nepotism, are going to be successors of anything the moment daddy is gone (Cuba is not North Korea). It would have to happen with the blessing of the military and I don’t see who is going to take the back seat for any of those redundants and appendices.

    I truly think Raul is fearing the military (something none of them could stop if turned against them) and as for purges a la General Ochoa? It could be the most fatal move for Raul and any Castro at this point (the old guard is too out the door and the regime too much on life support for that type of move to be tolerated in my opinion).

  2. Fidel and Raul Castro are trying to set up a succession to their dynasty by every possible means. Whether they succeed or not is another story.

    So far they have the MSM, the rest of the liberal press around the world and the current President of the US as allies.

    The rats know that things could quickly and unexpectedly unravel for them once Fidel and Raul are gone from the scene(i.e. dead). In the meantime they’re enriching themselves as much as possible and stashing these riches in international banks while purchasing properties in countries that hold very friendly relations with the Castro tyranny (like Argentina and Chile),just in case they have to jump the ship.

    We’ll see how this show ends…

  3. I’ve always wondered if the Castro’s wouldn’t try and leave a “black” successor to incubate the new regime from criticism — “Oh those right-wingers in Miami just hate the new guy because he’s black (afro-Cuban).

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