The 85th Academy Awards: The Walking Dread


I stopped tuning-in for the Academy Awards back during Pres. George W. Bush’s first term when antiwar/anti-reality-about-the-2000-election Florida recount Hollywood crowd just could not control themselves and be civil. During the two Bush terms Hollywood cranked out some of the worst antiwar and anti-U.S. troops movies that failed miserably at the box office, adding to an already struggling industry with poor box office receipts. For the bulk of those eight years Hollywood watched their adult cerebral productions dragging their industry down, while the more successful family/children’s movies struggled to keep the industry’s head above water. At some point even the animated fare was peppered with political agenda in an attempt to get that indoctrination out to the public in someway or another.

Over the last decades we have watched the annual glitzy night of limo-lib elitist self-gratification fall deeper and deeper into making full-on political posturing, even down to its selection and snubbing of nominees. In this last presidential election cycle we witnessed the unabashed and unapologetic intercourse between Hollywood and their selected political messiah and national baby-daddy Barack Obama. As I stated above, I have not watched the Oscars in years, but in an attempt to seek-out my local TV news after viewing Sunday night’s new episodes of “The Walking Dead” and “The Talking Dead” on AMC I came in just as Jack Nicholson was entering the stage (the Oscars show staying true to form at overreaching its specified time) to bring the evening’s events to a close with the final award for “Best Picture”. I was perplexed by his appearance of unkempt hair-style and dark-rimmed eye glasses, and then his seemingly off-center and perhaps nervous delivery of the few lines of commentary he was allotted. I chuckled a little at the thought of old Jack doing a possible cameo on the zombie series.

Okay, I sighed, I’ll hang on to see who walks off with this gaudy statue (secretly hoping for Katherine Bigalow for all the grief she and her “Zero Dark Thirty” have garnered from her antiwar/anti-USA Hollywood peers over the last couple months, but knowing that was not gonna happen). But then Nicholson kicked it over his shoulder to the huge screen behind him on the stage where feed from our White House beamed Michelle Obama (framed in strands of Hollywood golden glory, and dressed in yet another tin foil frock grinned back from under her new long-bangs wig at the Hollywood zombies showering her with adoring applause. The first thing that popped into my mind was, “WHY is she on here?!?” It was like watching some bizzare Big Brother hook-up where you longed for a hammer throw (nods to Limbaugh)…

The delivery of this most highly coveted “Best Picture” award is usually designated to a top-ranking Hollywood figure. However, this year it was given to the wife of Barack Obama. In addition to all the 2012 Obama and Hollywood love affair I initially figured it was a continuation of the PDA (public display of affection). But then I pondered Michelle Obama, the first black First Lady, was made presenter in hopes of either “Lincoln” or “Django Unchained” would win and it was to be symbolic … or something.

Today Rush Limbaugh (among others) is speculating this is a result of some inter-Hollywood directors’ rivalry and was an in-your-face snark by Harvey Weinstein and at director Steven Spielberg. Whatever. The elitist society that is Hollywood is becoming more and more certifiable as they sink deeper and deeper into their twisted sense of arrogant know-it-all politics. After all, it is said Weinstein campaigned for his own picture using an Obama campaign veteran, and was key in getting Mrs. Obama on the 85th Oscars to present, in hopes the Oscar would be going to his “Silver Linings”. While all of this First Lady stuff was treated as highly top secret, there are those who were not amused at the royal interloping. By the way, never once did Michelle Obama acknowledge the US military (which some, to their credit, do at the Oscars because they know bases are carrying the televised event), but she never explained the apparent uniformed props standing behind her in the picture.

Oh, the double irony of Ben Affleck’s “Argo” (a story of saving the endangered lives of U.S. embassy personnel in Iran, which Iran today is pissed-off about) winning the “Best Picture” Oscar and having the wife of the man who heads the current administration who not only allowed a U.S. embassy ambassador and three other Americans to be killed by terrorists, but continue to cover-up the facts to this day … not to mention having blamed a filmmaker and his video nobody even saw as the catalyst for the Benghazi attack, and who is now sitting in jail (supposedly for a parole violation) under the impression he was/is guilty for the Benghazi attack and the deaths.

One more thing: Instapundit’s Glenn Reynolds continues to point out the hypocrisy of Hollywood screaming for ending ‘subsidies’ on oil companies and for mercilessly taxing the rich in this country, all the while their own industry enjoying subsidies and even the lack of taxes.

And here’s a thought: “Best Actor in a Drama: Barack Obama”



12 thoughts on “The 85th Academy Awards: The Walking Dread

  1. Well, there’s been worse. Like Bubba Clinton playing sax on Arsenio Hall. Obviously, all sense of propriety is long gone. But yes, this sort of thing is cringe-worthy.

  2. Ah, the Hollywood cretins and their delusions of relevance. Lots of sound and fury, signifying NOTHING. I cut all this shit out of my life long ago, and now I can’t imagine why I ever bothered with it. These people are totally, TOTALLY dispensable.

  3. Payback for all the campainging and money these folks bring to berrako, hollywood falls over itselt to lick the boots of the ‘elite”

  4. It’s odd that Bigelow calls herself a pacifist and anti torture. Yet her movie is very satisfying to those of us on the other side.

    I thought it was terrible that Michelle Obama inserted herself in that way – and that includes Nicholson’s comment “Who’s gonna’ mess with that?” as if she is so tough. What would have happened if Laura Bush had tried to insert herself in that way?
    a – it would never happen because she isn’t that impolite.
    b – if she wanted to be part of the ceremony, she would be scorned and sneered at, even though she is sweet and knows her place better than the current occupant.

    This was a strange year. Though almost everyone in that audience is a lefty, some of the movies were fun for conservatives to sit through.

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