Breaking Rumor: Plug pulled on brain-dead Chavez four days ago


Here we go…. hang on to your dentures…. the rumor roller-coaster has taken off at top speed.

Hugo Chavez was declared brain dead eight weeks ago, on 30 December, and was finally disconnected from all life-support equipment four days ago.

This rumor comes from Guillermo Cochez, a Panamanian journalist, politician, and ex-ambassador to the OAS, who claims to have an informant within the Venezuelan government.

The “news” was reported by CNN Chile, which also aired an interview with Cochez.  View the whole interview HERE, in Spanish.

In this interview Cochez said the following:

* The recent photo of Chavez with his two daughters is a fake, easily proven by two factors.  First, Chavez shows no weight loss, even though official reports admitted that he had dropped quite a few pounds.  Second, one of his daughters shows no signs of the cosmetic surgery she underwent a year ago.  “It’s her old face in the photograph,” he insisted.

* It was due to pressure from Chavez’s daughters that the Venezuelan dictator was disconnected from the machines that were keeping him alive artificially.

* Chavez’s recent transfer to Venezuela was urged by Cuban authorities who did not want the final disconnection and death to occur on the island.

Cochez will not reveal his sources, but insists that the information comes from Chavistas rather than from the opposition.   He also pointed out that if this news helps explain why all of the Latrine American heads of state who went to visit him — Morales, Correa, Humala, Kirchner — were not allowed to see Chavez.

“The Venezuelan government will deny what I am saying,” added Cochez, “but I dare them to prove me wrong by trotting out president Chavez.”

When contacted by CNN Chile, officials in Caracastan denied these reports, emphatically.

Other news outlets are picking up the story, including the aggressively leftist UK Guardian.   So, look for more denials from Caracastan.

Watch out.  Sharp turn ahead on the rumor coaster, with an upside-down loop and a sharp 65% incline drop….. keep those dentures securely clenched …..

Maybe Chavez will undergo as many deaths as his foster-father Fidel.








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  1. We can only hope that this is true, but then again, the castroite regime has made an artform of lying as a means of demoralizing the opposition. For instance, castro has died a million deaths only to be wheeled out before the world when one least expects it.

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