Cuba: Free-market capitalism vs. Closed-market capitalism

There is nothing like free-market capitalism to set people free from the yoke of tyranny and provide them with the opportunity and the tools to live in freedom and pursue happiness. Conversely, closed-market capitalism is second only to communism when it comes to enriching the privileged and maintaining the enslaved in chains.

As long as Cuba remains under the yoke of tyranny, as long as common Cubans are forced to play by a different set of rules that forcibly keeps them enslaved to the Castro dictatorship, there will be no such thing as free-market capitalism or its fruits of liberty in Cuba. And the privileged who engage in business with the Cuban slave masters are doing nothing more than becoming accomplices to this sinister serfdom, feeding on the corpse of Cuban liberty like vultures picking at a dead carcass.

Via New America Media:

Havana Real Estate ‘Boom’ Lures Investors and Exiles

HAVANA — Just over a year after the Cuban government permitted the first sale of real estate between private parties, a housing boom is emerging in Havana. Fueled by an influx of foreign capital, much of it from Mexico, for Cuban exiles the boom is proving to be a major draw.

It also comes amid signs that the Castro regime, which has ruled Cuba since 1959, may be nearing its end.

Since November of 2011, when the country saw its first real estate deal in half a century, there has been a sustained rise in housing prices, particularly in Havana. Asking prices have gained between 10-15 percent, while the number of properties — some boasting “ocean views” or “panoramic vistas” of the Cuban capital — coming to market keep rising.


This latest development, which has further emboldened Cuba watchers, is also changing attitudes within Cuban exile communities where family ties to the island remain strong.

“I’d love to have a vacation house in the Vedado, or a beachfront property in Mirarmar,” said David, a long-time California resident whose wife is Cuban. David, who asked that his last name not be used, added he is hopeful that through his wife’s family in Cuba he will be able to find an investment property.

Bustamente has other plans. He is currently organizing a trip to Havana for a group of Mexicans and Cuban exiles under the euphemistically titled “Architectural Tours of Havana.”

Those far-reaching entrepreneurial impulses are driven in part by economic limitations.

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