Cuban Medicine Killed Hugo Chavez

Joel Hirst at Fox News Latino:

Cuban Medicine Killed Hugo Chavez

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There is perhaps no worse political disaster for the government of Cuba than the death of President Hugo Chávez of Venezuela. After the Soviet Union collapsed and ceased to subsidize the Castro regime, the government of Cuba went through a very difficult period. That is, until President Chávez picked up the tab.

While the real amount of the subsidy is unknown, Venezuela does send more than 115,000 barrelsof oil a day to the refinery at Cienfuegos and pays for tens of thousands of Cuban doctors and sports trainers who are deployed all over Latin America. The true amount is probably significantly north of five billion dollars a year.

If there was anybody that could expect the very best Cuban medicine had to offer, it was the Castro’s five billion dollar man. This makes the upcoming death of Chávez that much more embarrassing for the Castros, because the velocity at which the strongman has deteriorated is due in no small part to the incompetence of the Cuban doctors at Cimeq – the hospital of choice for the communist party leaders.

According to Dr. Jose Marquina, who has become well known for having the only information on the Venezuelan president’s condition that has proved over time to be accurate, the Cuban doctors are at least partially at fault for the Venezuelan leader’s imminent demise. He has said that the Cubans misdiagnosed the cancer, treating Chávez with chemotherapy and other treatments designed for the wrong type of cancer. This made the disease resistant and impossible to treat, while causing other complications which affected not only Chávez’s life expectancy but also the quality of what life remained.

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2 thoughts on “Cuban Medicine Killed Hugo Chavez

  1. Yes, Castroite medicine is highly overrated, but nobody forced Chávez to rely on it. He could have gone absolutely anywhere, and only a fool would have picked Cuba over the recognized top places for cancer treatment, which are NOT in Cuba. Even for Fidel, a Spanish specialist had to be imported to save the day. Of course, the kind of secrecy Chávez wanted was something Cuba could provide better than just about any place, but secrecy does nothing against cancer. And true, nobody wanted him to survive more than Cuba, for obvious reasons, but wanting to save someone is not the same as being able to do it. He may well have been sold a bill of goods by the Cubans, who are experts at misrepresentation, but again, how stupid do you have to be to fall for that, especially when your life is at stake? I guess if your top priority is political power and hanging on to it, as opposed to your health, you could be that stupid. Evidently, Chávez was.

  2. asombra,

    The Latrine-American Hugo Chavez is another victim of his idiotic mentality, that simple…

    Anyone who embraces Fidel Castro, its ideology and its failed Robolution is a complete fool…

    That applies for the Cubans that put him in power and those who support him now like the MSM, the Hollywood idiots and the many others outside Cuba that continue to praise the “virtues” of his failed Robolution even thought the evidence points to the contrary.

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