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Roberto Veiga, the editor of Espacio Laical, a magazine published by Cuba’s Catholic Church, on how important it is to include the brutal and corrupt Castro military forces in the process of reforms taking place on the island (via Penúltimos Días – my translation):

“It becomes obligatory to accept that the great economic power of the FAR (Revolutionary Armed Forces) might stand against an equilibrium between the power of the military and the power of the people, between military power and the sovereignty of the citizens. Nevertheless, it is also essential to realize that if the institution has achieved cohesion and institutionalism, professionalism and autonomy, it has been for the most part thanks to its economic viability. To deprive it of this ability in our immediate and distant future would be to place these capabilities at the mercy of private interests and even prejudices, stripping from them the possibility of playing the role of final guarantor on the essential road to national reform we are all obligated to travel.”



5 thoughts on “Quote of the day

  1. The Castro military as “final guarantor.” Absolutely vomit-inducing and beyond obscene. Lord have mercy.

  2. Please let me state this is not the Cuban RCC I witnessed in the late sixties/early seventies.

    The obvious here is that Cuban RCC is controlled and has been infiltrated at the highest levels by the Castro tyranny. Cardinal Alamino’s actions and Mr. Veiga’s statements clearly demonstrates it.

    Archbishop Wenski (who should know better) plays along this charade effectively becoming an accomplice to this infamy. He’s just as guilty of what is taking place in the Cuban RCC today. Add to this mix the former Pope Benedict who further legitimized the Castro tyranny with his trip to Cuba and it answers why I have no faith whatsoever in my Church ability to be a beacon of hope and justice during these difficult times as its top leaders continue to choose embracing evildoers instead of standing up to them.

    The RCC has real issues within its top ranks, it’ll take a miracle from God to fix them…

  3. This statement alone is enough to discredit not only Veiga and his magazine but the Cuban RCC behind both.

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