More vultures on parade

Some more images of the vultures that gathered in Caracastan yesterday.  Wouldn’t want to leave out anyone’s favorite aura tiñosa….

Imagine how much the world would have changed if an  8.9 earthquake had brought down the ceiling at this very moment
Imagine how much the world would have changed for the better if an 8.9 earthquake had brought down the ceiling at this very moment
past and present court jesters of Brazil
past and present court jesters of Brazil, Lula and Rousseff
The King of Fools and the Sycophant in Chief
King Ortega of Nicaragua



9 thoughts on “More vultures on parade

  1. Scrolling through Babalu’s coverage of the event, I see by the photos everybody shaved, showered and wore their Commieday best for the occasion.

  2. Could those costumes, I mean uniforms, look any more ridiculous? Those guards look like dorks. Can you say high school marching band? Unbelievably cheesy.

  3. How kind of Ortega to bring along his concubine, the one who let him molest her underage daughter. Such lovely people, a credit to any gathering. Maybe Joe Biden can help him get some hair plugs.

  4. Jesse Jackson is one piece of work. You almost have to admire him—he’s such a natural slimeball.

  5. Where is Jesse Jackson not found? The man appears everywhere, even in Sesame Street. I am surprised he still has not made an appearance in American Idol trying to sing some crap (before the dumb show is over).

    Let’s be honest, Jesse and his entire family are as dishonest and as needy of ignorance and resentment as everyone there. He is just not as vile and villainous. But hey, Chavez was no corrupt, cheap, degrading, and arrogant transgressor, he did it all for the good of his nation and humanity. Right? What would humanity and development be without everyone there.

    By the way, the absence of Fidel shows how “fuerte” the hijo de puta really is. Someone should send him a postcard with a picture of “Vamos Bien” in the front and with the inside reading “Happy to see that the Cuba you leave behind and you are finally doing equally well, vamos bien indeed.”

  6. Ziva, their mindset is quite simple: it’s all about power, money, and status. They are all, one way or another, trying to compensate for being shitty, fucked-up people who, instead of trying to straighten up, want to MAKE everybody else accept them “as is” and, ideally, admire them. Ultimately, they’re not the problem, because such people are as inevitable as viruses, bacteria or cockroaches. The problem is when they manage to get enabled and empowered by others, which obviously happens all too frequently.

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