No med school for you !!!!

South African medical students pose for photo before departing for Castrogonia
South African medical students pose for photo before departing for Castrogonia

Following up on this story has been difficult, due to the scarcity of reports and of reliable sources.  But it seems that the protesting South African students who couldn’t stand the crappy housing and food offered to them in the Castro Kingdom have been pegged as greedy ingrates who were only interested in money.  Yeah.

The real story remains shrouded behind a smokescreen of official pronouncements.  Nonetheless, it’s safe to assume that money is not the real problem.  The mere act of complaining publicly — which led to the arrest of several of these students — is a more likely cause.

One bit of information revealed in this piece:  South Africa pays $55,000 to the Castro Kingdom for  the training of  each of these medical students.  Whether or not their $176 monthly stipend, food, and lodging are included in this amount is not revealed in this article, but it is definitely made clear South Africa that pays for  all that.

So, what is going on here?  Chances are  that the Castronoids pocket as much of the South African money as possible and provide these poor blacks with abysmal housing and food.  It is also highly likely that the racism of the Castronoid authorities has played a role in this disaster.

The oddest thing about the students’ alleged demand for a $615 monthly stipend is that these South Africans must know that Cubans only earn $18 per month.

From The Times Live

South African Medical Students expelled from Castrogonia

Six medical students from South Africa studying on scholarship in Cuba have returned home following a disagreement about their allowance, wasting over R2 million (220,000 US dollars) as a result, it was reported on Friday.

The students were more than halfway through their six-year training programme, which cost the government R500 000 (55,000 US dollars) a student, the New Age reported.

They decided to quit after going on strike about food and their monthly allowance of R 1,600 (176 US dollars), which they wanted increased to around R 5,600 (615 US dollars).

Dr Mzulugile Nodikida, who studied in Cuba, could not understand why the students were complaining about the allowance, as their accommodation and food was free.

Health department spokesman Joe Maila said the department was saddened by the students’ decision.

“Money was the main thing that they wanted, and we made it clear that we were not going to increase their stipend,” he said.

“We are extremely disappointed, as we were doing everything for them. They are unreasonable because the issue of diet was not a big problem.”

Eastern Cape health department spokesman Sizwe Kupelo backed the national department’s decision.

“They [the students] have embarrassed the country and contravened the laws of Cuba,” said Kupelo.

Most of these students come from destitute backgrounds…. The Eastern Cape has a shortage of doctors and we cannot afford this.”

According to the newspaper, the incident is the first of its kind since the programme began over a decade ago.



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  1. Somehow it’s hard to feel sorry for any of them. They should’ve done their homework before heading to paradise; it’s not like South Africa has a ban on internet searches. I like the reality check they got.

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