Hey, psst, your tyrannical streak is showing….

Victorin Lurel
Victorin Lurel, Chavez idolater

Oops.  A little too much honesty.  Sounds a lot like a drunken toast at a wedding.

Perhaps Minister Lurel has not been adequately schooled in the art of subtlety and deception, which is so highly prized among genuine Leftist leaders, such as Barack Obama.   Their Ministry of Truth will handle Citoyen Lurel soon enough.  But, in the meantime, for now, at least, he will be excused for revealing too much on account of the emotional toll that Hugo’s funeral had on him.  After all, he seems such a sensitive idealist.

Perhaps he should meditate for a while on the image and text below, and on all of the many successes of the Socialist tyrant who inspired Fidel Castro and his stepson Hugo Chavez.  After all, this great model of a benevolent tyrant did great things for his people, and, among other things, provided them all with free education and health care.  He also showed a great respect for the human rights of all who agreed with him.


From France 24:

World ‘needs dictators like Chavez’ says French minister

Victorin Lurel, the minister for France’s overseas territories, was impressed by the late Venezuelan leader Hugo Chavez’s funeral and said on Saturday that the world needed “more dictators” like him.

The minister for France’s overseas territories lamented the death of Hugo Chavez on Saturday, saying the world “needs more dictators” like him after attending the late Venezuelan leader’s funeral a day earlier.

Victorin Lurel described Chavez as a cross between French General Charles de Gaulle and reforming left-winger Léon Blum, who served three times as French prime minister.

“De Gaulle because he profoundly changed his country’s institutions, and Blum because he fought relentlessly against injustice,” he told RTL radio.

“I’ll be criticised for saying this, but the world needs more dictators like Hugo Chavez, if it’s a dictator that he actually was. He showed a strong respect for human rights.”

Lurel described Chavez’s funeral service as “moving”, adding that “while not everyone can agree with all his policies and actions, the people here are very proud of what he accomplished in 14 years.”

If you haven’t been seized by violent retching yet, continue reading HERE.



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