Behind the scenes with Hugo Chavez and Foggy Bottom


“Castro’s apparatchiks ran Venezuela right down to making up Hugo Chavez’ squad of bodyguards. Oh, I know, I know, the media (especially those networks bestowed Havana bureaus) dutifully recited that all 50,000 Cubans in Venezuela were selfless, “doctors and teachers,” Castro’s Peace Corps, minus only the Peter, Paul and Mary soundtrack.

Tell it to the Venezuelan demonstrators who for the past few months were burning Cuban flags, burning Castro in effigy while yelling “Cubans Go Home!” (What? You say the U.S. media – especially those outlets bestowed Havana bureaus – didn’t report this? They blacked out an item featuring the very type of scenes and soundbites the MSM habitually slobbers over? … Hmm.)

Whatever their titles, the Cubans in Venezuela were essential for Castroite colonization. “So I’ll overlook Hugo’s public buffooneries,” Castro must have reasoned.

Further north Hugo’s buffooneries were also overlooked. “American officials say Mr. Chavez, despite his very public denunciations of Washington, worked behind the scenes to keep trade relations between the two countries, especially in the oil sector, strong,” recently reported the New York Times. “They recalled how Mr. Chavez once picked up the phone and dialed an American diplomat to talk policy. … ‘The United States needs to fix this,’ Mr. Chávez said during the call, which concerned the ouster of the Honduran president in 2009. ‘You are the only ones who can.’”

“We don’t recognize Roberto Micheletti as the president of Honduras,” declared State Department spokesman Ian Kelly a few days later. “We recognize Manuel Zelaya.”

So apparently Hugo’s call to his American contact got our State Department jumping – and quickly.


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