Cruz Control and Powerless DiFi

Have you heard about how that horribly ignorant, misogynist upstart freshman Sen. Ted Cruz made veteran Sen. Dianne Feinstein feel patronized during their exchange yesterday in the Senate on her current attempt to take away our right to own guns by picking, choosing, and chipping away at the Second Amendment of the U.S. Constitution…

Allahpundit at HotAir points out the video viral exchange between the two senators is only a small part of what went on, and that there is far more to this story than the “rude” Ted Cruz, ‘who knows not of the cited Heller case‘, the liberal MSM (MSNBC’s Joe Scarborough in this instance) is now trying to project … and here it is:

KrisAnne Hall is an attorney and former prosecutor. The following video excerpts (below) are from a recent townhall meeting on future gun control held in Pensacola. Here she addresses the pure and clear meaning of the Second Amendment of the U.S. Constitution, and the now unbalanced thinking of the federal government on their balance of power vs. the U.S. Constitution. She points out the US Supreme Court does not have the power to grant power to the federal government outside the Constitution. THAT, according to Jay Norlander of NRO, is exactly how Sen. Dianne Feinstein (the White House and the democrats in the Congress) is operating on this matter…

In the matter of Ted Cruz versus Dianne Feinstein, I’d like to make one point … I believe that Feinstein believes what a lot of people believe, in error: Congress and the president can do basically whatever they want. And if it’s unconstitutional, well, the Supreme Court will say so, and all will be well. That’s what a system of checks and balances is all about.

Here is DiFi: “Congress is in the business of making the law. The Supreme Court interprets the law. If they strike down the law, they strike down the law.”

We can go wild and crazy, here in Congress, and if we overstep constitutional boundaries, the Supreme Court can strike us down. We’ll go whatever speed we want on the highway, and if a copper should happen to catch us, so be it.

Thing is, congressmen and the president swear an oath to the Constitution too. The justices of the Supreme Court are not the only arbiters of the Constitution. They might be the ultimate arbiters, but others have a responsibility too. Members of the legislative and executive branches have a custodial role. A black robe does not confer a unique constitutional burden on you, and the absence of such a robe does not exempt you from a burden, or a responsibility.

This should be elementary. In my observation, however, it is the erroneous view that is widespread, and well entrenched…

Get it? The thinking of DiFi and the democrats is, We’ll just pass the law, they can see what’s in it, and then take it to court. Dr. Ben Carson is correct. We need far fewer lawyers in the U.S. Congress.

Here KrisAnne backs up her government overreach warning regarding disarming the American people with the recent example of the Obama administration’s usurping of powers in their DOJ “white paper” admission of assumed power and ability to use drones to kill American citizens anywhere on the globe, including in the USA, without due process…

So, if the White House and the DOJ believe they can do that without cause or court, what is to stop them from banning citizens from owning guns? Perhaps Sen. Feinstein isn’t smarter than a sixth grader after all.

BTW, I too am growing quite fond of fearless GOP freshmen such as Sen. Ted Cruz.

You can find more videos of this townhall and hear more of what this woman has to say, especially in the face of the liberal lawyer on the panel.



5 thoughts on “Cruz Control and Powerless DiFi

  1. If you think Ted is awesome on camera taking on the wicked witch of the West, he’s just as great in person…..wonderful family; his dad is a great, dedicated, patriotic, spiritual human being. Frankenfeinstein (as Mark Levin calls her) apparently didn’t heed the warning, Don’t Mess With Te…..d.

  2. I like this KrisAnne whoever she is. Scarborough is in a dither that Cruz knows nothing about the second amendment. “Didn’t Cruz go to law school?” he asks. To me Cruz sounded perfectly fine, but then I didn’t go to law school. Did Scarborough?

  3. Honey: “To me Cruz sounded perfectly fine, but then I didn’t go to law school. Did Scarborough?”

    1. The second Cruz video blows Morning Joe’s ass up over his pointy head several times over. And yeah, Joe went to law school and practiced for a short time in Pensacola. But this is more about HIS inability to honestly look at the whole picture of the things he’s “reporting” (he did not go to broadcasting/journalism school) rife with his adopted liberal agenda (in this case ‘gun control’). Joe is an MSNBC liberal tool.

  4. One big problem with people like DiFi is that they don’t recognize (or choose to ignore) the basis of their position and political career: exceedingly dubious, not to say unfit voters. This, of course, means they are no better than those voters, and certainly no less dubious or unfit. Naturally, they simply look at the numbers and proclaim they have a mandate to be dubious and unfit, which technically they do, but again, only based on human mediocrity and worse. It’s sort of like being crowned beauty queen despite looking like Janet Reno because most of the judges were hideous crones who wanted to feel better about themselves. Not much of an accomplishment, if you get my meaning.

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