A Tale of two Cuban Dissidents


“I accuse Castro of cheating me out of memory sticks!…but I’m sure that dialogue in good-faith with him by the U.S. will get me some.”


International media response:

“OMG!!!…OMG!!! She’s so BRAVE!!!
“OMG!!!….OMG!!! She’s so BRILLIANT!!!

Rosa Maria Paya, daughter of oppositionaa36
above: (Rosa Maria Paya)

“I accuse Castro of murder, torture and blackmail…and I’m sure an international investigation will prove this.”


International media response:

“So who’s DA-AT???….Geesh, what a whiner…”

(Yes, folks it’s starting…Yoani Sanchez ain’t even in Wash. D.C. yet– but she’s already calling for U.S. “dialogue” with Castro…didn’t take long now did it?)



16 thoughts on “A Tale of two Cuban Dissidents

  1. Can you imagine if Yoani were a pretty young woman “of color”? Thank goodness for small favors.

  2. Humberto: You should count how many words the Heralds dedicate to Yoani in their articles and then compare it to how many they write about Rosa Paya and Berta Soler. It’s a no-brainer who their golden girl is.

  3. I live in NYC and I just came back from seeing Yoani at a conference at the New School on 12th Street in Manhattan. Even though I was one of those people who was very skeptical of her, I came away with a different opinion. She wasn’t wishy washy today at all. In fact, at one point, a pro-Palestinian Mudslum on the panel— Prof. Nitin Sawhney—started attacking Ileana Ros-Lehtinen for being pro-Israel and for supporting the Cuban embargo and he tried to pressure Yoani by asking her if when she meets with congress, will she ask the American legislators to lift the “blockade” [which is what he called it] and she unequivocally said IN FRONT OF EVERYBODY, I didn’t come here to talk about American laws, I came here to talk about the violation of human rights inside Cuba and that’s what I will discuss when I got to congress. The woman is unflappable and even though a group of foaming-at-the-mouth castroites started unfurling banners and screaming at her and disrupting the conference until they were escorted out by security, she remained composed. She was able to deflect all of the hostile questions. I had an unfavorable opinion of her, but that has changed.

  4. Let me add that Yoani made it very clear that the regime’s brutal–she didn’t mince words. She mentioned how state security once told her, “you have a teenage son who rides a bike to school every day, don’t you?” and she talked about how she is followed around all of the time, how her husband and loved ones are brutalized. At one point, one of the castroites in the audience asked her, why is it that you don’t talk about Cuba’s stellar health care, wonderful education and other revolutionary successes, and she replied, in a very calm manner, the regime monopolizes all of the information that comes out of Cuba and all they do is talk about these alleged success, so I guess that it’s up to me to talk about the other Cuban reality . She also talked about the internal embargo. Also, very importantly, she mentioned that the changes inside Cuba are not real chances, they are cosmetic.

  5. Gee…. I vaguely remember a few years ago being bashed by some for daring to question Our Lady of the Embargo Yoani. I remember questioning her priorities as well as her loyalties. I remember being told that if she wasn’t against us she was for us. I remember it well.
    Funny how times change. Yoani didn’t, but the reality of what a dissident is did I guess……..

  6. It’s beyond clear Castro, Inc. has planted its agents all over, including the US, and I’m not talking about official personnel like so-called diplomats. These people are NOT registered as Cuban agents as US law requires, yet they’re still here and come out like the termites they are whenever it suits Castro, Inc. One would think the relevant US authorities would have done something about it by now, because they must be aware of what’s going on, or most certainly should be.

  7. Well, I sure hope YS does the same thing before more influential audiences like Congress. However, the embargo question will definitely be pushed by anti-embargo elements, who are quite numerous and insistent. She will not be able to brush the matter aside even if she wanted to, and coverage of her will be disproportionately focused on anything she says that is at all PC or liberal/Dem friendly.

  8. No matter what YS winds up saying, it’s very important that Berta Soler also address Congress. I trust the appropriate Congress people will see to it that she does.

  9. Let’s admit YS is a sort of regime enemy.

    “Never interrupt your enemy when he is making a mistake.”
    (Napoleon Bonaparte)

    “Napoleon owned nothing to anyone, only to his own genius and will. I have always thought Napoleon was the best.” (Fidel Castro, prison letters March, 24 1955)

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