The New York Times: What passes for ‘change’ in Cuba

In spite of all the marvelous “reforms” implemented by the Castro regime, the fact remains that Cuba is a repressive, totalitarian communist dictatorship. Moreover, it is a dictatorship that has been run and controlled by the same criminally corrupt and murderous Castro family for fifty-four years.

Nevertheless, the butchers of Havana have some friends in high places, namely, the American press. Leading this pack of sycophantic Castro propagandists is The New York Times, the Alicia Alonso of American journalism. Just like Ms. Alonso, The New York Times’ heady days of being the premier source of objective news and exceptional journalism are long gone and now it is a mere caricature. The years have not been kind to The Old Gray Lady, but that does not stop her from dressing up in sequin ballroom gowns and smearing her face with too much makeup and too little dignity in a desperate effort to remain relevant.

Since the days of Herbert Matthews, The New York Times has taken pride in its loyal support of the Castro dictatorship in Cuba. For more than five decades the “newspaper of record” has protected and promoted the most murderous and repressive dictatorship in the Western Hemisphere, all under the guise of journalism. It has not been an easy task for them, but they have dutifully and consistently done their best to ignore the atrocities that take place on the island and paint a happy face on the prison walls of the hundreds of thousands of Cuba’s political prisoners and on the grave markers of the tens of thousands of innocent Cubans executed by the Castro dictatorship.

The actual objective and undeniable truth is that the real change taking place in Cuba these past two years is the documented escalation in violent and repressive acts by the Castro dictatorship against the opposition. Despite the so-called reforms of dictator Raul Castro, the regime has sharply increased its violent repression as evidenced by the disturbingly large increase in violent beatings of dissidents, the unjust imprisonment opposition leaders, and even the assassination of human rights activists.

Of course, The New York Times will stay away from this reality since it does not fit the narrative of the regime. They must keep pushing and promoting the whole “Raul = Change” mantra, and apparently, this is what passes for change in Cuba:

A Transgender Elected Official Reflects an Evolving Cuba

CAIBARIÉN, Cuba — JOSÉ AGUSTÍN HERNÁNDEZ may not be precisely the kind of New Man whom Che Guevara pictured shaping Cuban socialism.

Ms. Hernández, 48, who identifies as a woman and goes by Adela, would sooner cut a lazy bureaucrat to size with her sharp tongue than chop sugar cane with a machete. And you would more likely catch her hauling water to her house in platform heels than trudging the streets in fatigues and work boots.

So Ms. Hernández was more than a little tickled when she became the first transgender person to be elected to public office in Cuba, a country whose government once viewed homosexuality as a dangerous aberration and, in the 1960s, packed gay men off to labor camps.

“It’s a huge achievement,” said Ms. Hernández, referring to her election in November to the municipal council in this coastal town where she represents the 2,000 or so residents of her destitute neighborhood. She raised her painted eyebrows, saying, “For a country that has been so homophobic to change so dramatically — it’s unheard of.”

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13 thoughts on “The New York Times: What passes for ‘change’ in Cuba

  1. This is too classic for words. Beyond cynical and way beyond disreputable, especially given the NYT’s pretensions–and scarcely worthy of a small-town rag. And yes, the paper DOES know this is fluffy BS, but this sort of thing is so typical or “normal” for Cuba coverage that it gets churned out as if by a machine programmed to do it automatically. And not an iota of shame or dignity. It’s like a black hole.

  2. Note to anyone seeking sex change: Don’t get it in Cuba. The results are anything but convincing, and more like a bad joke.

  3. I’ve seen straight men who look more feminine than Adela. Whatever his sexuality, Piers Morgan sure does.

  4. Interestingly it wasn’t under communism Jose was thrown in jail ostracized and discriminated
    against but “rural conservatism” Who knew?

  5. The NYT’s is a cancer on the body politics in the USA: a vile, unrependant rag. That said, that Adela is the worst looking transsexual I have ever seen. What is it with her? Some TS are very real looking and are in fact indistiguishable from natural-born women, but that Adela looks like a boxer with tits. Gee Whiz, she really needs to get some hormonization or body sculpting or something.

  6. You can bet Adela would NOT have been elected to any post, and would not be “newsworthy” (especially to the NYT) if s/he were not pro-Castro. Of course, if you’re going to flaunt your homosexuality in Cuba, you’d damn better be pro-Castro for insurance. The regime is always harder on gays or blacks who don’t support it, because it is STILL homophobic and racist, but it will play the race and gay cards when it can gain from it. And btw, this is not a transgender, because there’s been no surgery, only female hormones. This is an enhanced transvestite, and hardly a passable one.

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