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“Cuba Expert” Anya Landau French is shocked, flabbergasted, and appalled the American press would actually quote and cover the remarks made by a Cuban American elected official in regards to Cuba. I mean, what the hell does a Cuban American know about Cuba? What’s next: A Cuban American “Cuba Expert”?

Besides, this breaks two longstanding journalistic rules that say 1): Only non-Cubans are qualified to be “Cuba Experts.” And Rule 2): You never, ever, seek the opinion of a Cuban American on the subject of Cuba unless you are using it to mock and belittle their position.

Of course, Ms. Landau French will not tolerate this blatant disregard for rules by the press and delivers our quote of the day:

“Could someone please explain to me why multiple outlets (The Hill, The Washington Times, Politico) consider criticism from Cuban American Senator Marco Rubio – at a recent pro-embargo fundraiser, no less – of Senate colleagues and other Americans who travel to Cuba to be actual news on which they need to report?”



3 thoughts on “Quote of the day

  1. Could someone please explain to me why anyone would take anything this inconsequential little nobody says about Cuba seriously, let alone as seriously as what Marco Rubio (or ANY actual Cuban) says about Cuba? Anya, honey, either you’re delusional or you’re full of it, not to mention UNBELIEVABLY presumptuous, so please, tone it down a little, huh? Not for our sake, you understand; we’re QUITE used to this kind of shit, especially from Cuba “experts,” but frankly, you’re pushing it, and it looks REALLY bad.

  2. But no hard feelings. If I was into chicks that look like malnourished, constipated birds, you’d be high on my list.

  3. These so-called Cuba Experts all have the same idiotic line… the US policies toward Cuba have failed to bring the Castro government down, and that it’s time to begin a dialogue with the Cuban government so that they can start the process of addressing Cuba’s longstanding economic problems.

    If the Cuban economy is wrecked, it’s wrecked primarily as a result of Socialist economic models and the absolute lack of American business acumen. So US policies designed to wreck the Cuban economy have been a a resounding success.

    The fact that the Cuban economy has been an absolute disaster under Castro, and that the people of Cuba have suffered as a result of it while Castro himself accumulated a reported $900 million net worth, is a testament to the failure of Socialism, and to the true nature of Castro’s government.

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