What the devil? UPDATE: The devil did it!

Obama-satanObama hoodie

Any likeness perceived between Obama and  the devil in our Bible show is the work of the devil!

This story was bound to have a weird twist, for sure.  And it may have several more loop-the-loops before it derails.

Get this:  the producers of the Bible miniseries are horrified — absolutely horrified — that anyone would think that they were trying to link President Obama and the devil.

It turns out that one of the producers, Mark Burnett is an Obamaphile who has contributed heavily to the One’s presidential campaigns and might have been tempted to cast the Obama-look-alike as Jesus rather than Satan.   But it’s all much weirder than that.  Burnett believes that the devil has actually  “stirred the pot and created a false likeness between Obama and the TV devil.”

Heavens to Murgatroyd… why… Mildred, this sounds like the kind of lunatic talk one expects from redneck Republicans who cling to their guns and bibles.  What the hell is going on here?

The devil, you say….

And here's someone who doesn't need a hoodie at all in order to resemble you-know-who
And here’s someone who doesn’t need a hoodie to resemble you-know-who


Hot Air reports:

“The Bible” Executive Producers, Mark Burnett & Roma Downey said Monday:

“This is utter nonsense. The actor who played Satan, Mehdi Ouzaani, is a highly acclaimed Moroccan actor. He has previously played parts in several Biblical epics– including Satanic characters long before Barack Obama was elected as our President.

“The Bible” Executive Producer Roma Downey adds:

Both Mark and I have nothing but respect and love our President, who is a fellow Christian. False statements such as these are just designed as a foolish distraction to try and discredit the beauty of the story of The Bible.”

Burnett — a deeply religious man — tells TMZ … he believes there is a devil on earth. Burnett says the devil has stirred the pot and created a false likeness between Obama and the TV devil.

Why, you ask, would the real devil care about a TV show? Fact is … the show is HUGELY popular and is having a big impact on viewers. Burnett notes the show last night featured a face-to-face meeting between Jesus and the devil … BUT it’s not the first time the TV devil has appeared on the show. The TV devil appeared in the Garden of Eden scene awhile back and no one said anything.

Burnett believes the real devil is scared that Jesus has now entered the picture and is trying to distract from Jesus’ message by creating a false story.



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  1. Look at the old bastard (in every sense). The perfect psychopath: not an iota of remorse or guilt, and it’d be the same if he were totally lucid. His only regrets are that he didn’t have more resources to work with like Chávez, or a bigger country, or nuclear bomb capability—that sort of thing. The incalculable, unfathomable harm of every sort to millions of people in Cuba and elsewhere for decades, the ruination of a once prosperous and thriving country, the grotesque perversion of its culture and idiosyncrasy—that means nothing to him. NOTHING. And for this malevolent POS Cuba went down the toilet. Sometimes, the shame and disgust are overpowering. Unfortunately, there’s not nearly as much shame and disgust as there should be.

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