Imagining the end of Cubazuela

Capriles addresses students in Maracaibo
Capriles addresses students in Maracaibo

While Nicolas Maduro continues to claim that the U.S.A. is trying to kill his opponent Henrique Capriles in order to destabilize Venenozuela — a ridiculous ploy most likely suggested by Maduro’s Cuban handlers when their assassination plot was discovered — Capriles is forging ahead with his presidential campaign, undeterred by the odds against him.   Today he vowed to cut the lifeline to Castrogonia set up by Hugo Chavez.

How will those thousands Castronoid soldiers and agents in Venenozuela react to this threat?  No need to guess.

Venezuela’s Capriles Vows to End Cuba Giveaways

CARACAS — Venezuelan opposition presidential candidate Henrique Capriles on Monday vowed to end the OPEC nation’s shipments of subsidized oil to communist-run Cuba, slamming acting President Nicolas Maduro as a puppet of Havana.

Capriles has berated Maduro as a weak imitation of the late Hugo Chavez, whose death two weeks ago convulsed the country and triggered the April 14 vote. The opposition also accuses the government of failing to fight crime and control inflation.

“The giveaways to other countries are going to end. Not another drop of oil will go toward financing the government of the Castros,” Capriles said, referring to Cuba’s present and past leaders, Raul and Fidel Castro.

“Nicolas is the candidate of Raul Castro; I’m the candidate of the Venezuelan people,” Capriles said during a speech to university students in the oil-rich state of Zulia.

The election marks the first test of the “Chavismo” movement’s ability to maintain the late leader’s radical socialism after his death, and it will be crucial for regional allies that depend on Caracas for financing and cheap fuel.

A victory for Capriles, 40, would likely give global oil companies greater access to the world’s largest crude reserves and offer investors more market-friendly policies after years of state-centered economics.

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