“All we hear is Yoani Ga-Ga–Yoani Goo-Goo and Yoani Ga-Ga” (Rap on, Sista–Rap on!)


“All we hear is Yoani ga ga
Yoani goo goo
Yoani ga ga
All we hear is Yoani ga ga
Yoani blah blah.”

“I don’t regard myself as a (Castro regime) opponent.” (Yoani Sanchez March 3, 2013)

(But then:) “Yes, I’m very afraid of what will happen when I go back, to Cuba.” (Yoani Sanchez, March 16, 2013)

“Miguel Díaz-Canel has characteristics that undoubtedly influenced his selection. He’s a man with very little distinction. He’s never uttered a single memorable phrase. His monotonous discourses simply prove his fidelity…“(Yoani Sanchez, Feb, 25, 2013)

(But then:)“Once on top he (Miguel Diaz-Canel) could be another Gorbachev.” (Yoani Sanchez, March 18, 2013)

“The U.S. should recognize the reforms in Cuba…reforms that transcend mere politics and are expanding throughout the digital world. I’d like to think that this new Cuba can count on President Obama.” (Yoani Sanchez March 17, 2013)

“Yes, I did meet with a U.S. official. I met with Bisa Williams of the U.S. interest section to discuss the best manner to lift the U.S. embargo…If you want to accuse me of that–I proudly accept the charge.” (Yoani Sanchez, March 13 2013)

(But then:) “I am not if favor of lifting the embargo unconditionally that, I think that it is clear that there should be conditions [for the lifting the embargo] and that there should be a long process of debate before doing so.” (Yoani Sanchez, March 21, 2013)


“Vote for me and I’ll set ya free!
Rap on SISTA, rap on!

Ball of Confusion!

So look, let’s all please cut the crap, for crying out loud. Obviously anyone can cherry-pick her comments to brand her as everything from KGB agent to a commander in Alpha 66. She covers all the bases carefully and expertly. Branding it “Doubletalk” or “Jivetalk” hardly does justice to her speech patterns…the sign of an expert politician-marketer. She’s branding herself expertly. Let’s give her credit for that.

“Shame on you, Humberto?!.. all this sniping does is divide us and play into the hands of Castro!…can’t we all just get along?…”

(And let’s cut DAT crap too…you KNOW you LOVE it!)

(“Somebody please give me a one-handed economist! All my economists say, “On the one hand–but now on the other.” Pres. Harry S. Truman)

One-handed Cuban Dissidents would also be nice…(and NO! I’m not advocating Sharia-law style amputations, for heavens sake!…geeeesh!)



7 thoughts on ““All we hear is Yoani Ga-Ga–Yoani Goo-Goo and Yoani Ga-Ga” (Rap on, Sista–Rap on!)

  1. ‘Our time’ has past us by. Our ‘Brigada 2506’ days are long gone. I would like nothing more (and it’s what’s needed actually but no one ever wants to discuss it) for contra-revolutionay tanks to be rolling into Havana and start looking for the ‘Aces’ in the Castro Mafia ‘Deck of Cards’ and rounding up the rest of the deck, but….ain’t gonna happen!

    I see no one in Dade county calling for the ‘overthrow’ of anything in Cuba, only some juicy-coated peaceful ‘transition’ of God knows what into God knows what.

    At this point, although I would like for Yoani to call for the ‘immediate overthrow and liquidation’ of the Castro regime (ala-1961), i doubt very much she would have any ‘active’ supporters anyway (and I mean “verbal” and not even those willing to pick up a six-shooter).

    So, bottom line, having ANYONE “from Cuba” even saying that “things need a change,” is the best you’re going to get!

  2. Yes, she sounds increasingly like a politician. I may have underestimated her, which is not necessarily a compliment. And once again, I see the specter of Ingrid Betancourt. I’m not making a direct or exact comparison, and I hope one isn’t warranted, but I remain skeptical.

  3. You’re EXACTLY right LaConchita…Raulismo lite after a borron y cuenta, with Yoani as international amb. with a “soft-landing” provided by the U.S. and with the Castro children running the companies that run Cuba..a chicken in every pot and a memory stick in every laptop is probably the least worst (and inevitable) outcome….my parents and all their contemporaries (who should really be more interested than any of us about all this) LONG ago gave up hope and interest…”ya lo de nosotros se acabo..Cuba’s theirs (Gen, Y) let them do with it what they want.”…

    As usual, I think they’re right.

    And COME ON!, Asombra!..don’t tell me you ALSO dislike Da Temptations!

  4. And yes, realistically and practically speaking, Cuba belongs to products of Castro, Inc., inevitably deformed by it to varying degrees. Even if the regime falls tomorrow, they will not magically transform into different people. Most of them don’t think they have any problem in the first place, and what they know of pre-Castro Cuba is both highly incomplete and deliberately, maliciously distorted by the system that shaped them. Most real exiles will not return to stay, and even if they did, they would be seen and treated as interlopers by the “natives.” Perhaps, when all Cubans contaminated by Castro, Inc. have disappeared from the scene, Cuba may regain some semblance of what it once was, but none of us will be around to see that.

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