Aaaaaaaaaaaaarrrrrrrrrggggggh! …..  ^%$#&^%*#@!!!!!

From the land of Senator Bob Menendez, yet another painful reminder of the fact that Cubans are subhuman creatures on display in a zoo, and that Americans and Europeans love to visit the “romantic” habitat built for them by the Castro brothers.

MidJersey Chamber of Commerce offers eight-day, $4,000 trip to Cuba

Known for sponsoring corporate events all over Central Jersey, the MidJersey Chamber of Commerce will offer a major change of scenery this September when it sponsors a trip to Havana, Cuba.

The $4,000 trip will take attendees to a rum factory, Ernest Hemingway’s farm and a cabaret show at the original Tropicana Club during an eight-day “educational and cultural tour” of Cuba.

The chamber secured a license to fly to Cuba from its parent organization, the American Chamber of Commerce Executives, chamber president Robert Prunetti said. Americans are not permitted to fly directly to Cuba under current travel restrictions.

“We’re saying it’s a people-to-people mission,” chamber special projects coordinator Alyssa Gennello said. “The stops include tours of the Plaza de la Revolucion, rum factories, tobacco farms. It’s kind of taking this area down to Cuba to see the state that Cuba is in, and really it’s just a cultural, educational experience.”….

….Prunetti said he is thrilled about the trip because Cuba fascinates him.

“It’s tremendously exciting. If you know or read anything about Cuba, it’s kind of an intoxicating country,” Prunetti said. “Going back to the ’50s with the casinos, it was the place to go not just for American tourists but for everyone.”

He said he is most excited to visit the places that struck his fancy in Hemingway novels — among them, rum factories, the cigar factories and the streets of Havana.

“I’m looking forward to all of that, picturing it the way Hemingway did,” Prunetti said. “It’s kind of a romantic fantasy.”

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  1. Yes, it’s blatant BS, abominable and offensive, but practically all paying customers are non-Cubans. We can hardly expect better of them than of Canadian tourists, for example. We CAN expect better, FAR better, from Cuban “exiles,” but that’s not working too well, is it?

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