Azuuuuucar! Forget about it, we ain’t got no sugar…this is Cuba… but we do have child prostitutes to spare.


Ay, no, mami, por favor, no me lo digas…. no lo puedo soportar…. tantas malas noticias…. me hace falta un calmante….. o un pariente exilado que me traiga regalitos y me mande dolares.

When the official government newspaper admits that something has gone wrong, you know things are bad, for sure.  And when it tells you that the sugar harvest has fallen behind by 17 percent, you also know that the real shortfall must be enormous, maybe close to catastrophic.

It’s the kingdom of everlasting bad news.  Never, ever, does anything go right.  Everything is screwed up, beyond hope.

An island nation that once supplied the world with sugar can no longer produce enough for its own people.  Before Fidel Castro came along,  Cuba was producing an average of 5.63 million metric tons of sugar per year.  Now, it can barely reach 1.5.  The Castro regime blames everyone and everything but itself for creating this ongoing disaster, but the truth is that  all the blame can be placed squarely on the so-called Revolution.

Viva la Revolucion!  Vamos requetebien!  Viva el atraso!  Y viva mi guataca!  

From Business Recorder:

Castro Kingdom says sugar harvest is behind schedule

HAVANA: Cuban raw sugar production is 17 percent behind schedule toward a target of 1.7 million tonnes, official media said over the weekend, putting in doubt hopes to increase output 20 percent over the previous season.

The report indicated industry performance deteriorated during the peak yield months of February and March.

In early February, production was 7.8 percent behind schedule, said Leobel Perez Hernandez, spokesman for state-run sugar monopoly AZCUBA.

“The lack of cane arriving at mills is today the main brake on a harvest, which due to its deficit, threatens the plan,” the Communist Party Granma said in its weekend edition.

Granma blamed the breakdown of cane-cutting machines and transportation equipment, the late arrival of spare parts and management problems for mills operating at just 65.3 percent of capacity, compared with the 71 percent planned.

“The country to date has barely accumulated 83 percent of the sugar it should have,” Granma said.

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2 thoughts on “Azuuuuucar! Forget about it, we ain’t got no sugar…this is Cuba… but we do have child prostitutes to spare.

  1. An absolutely scandalous, disgraceful absurdity. Welcome to Bizarro World, Castro style. But it’s OK. The regime has no shame and admits no real fault; it just passes the buck to convenient scapegoats. Always. And it keeps getting a pass, however cynical, from the usual suspects. It’s a pretty good racket.

  2. Cuba’s sugar industry was far better run in the 19th century, which made Cuba a cash cow for Spain. The fucking assholes that have run things (into the ground) for the last 50-plus years are beyond incompetent. WAY beyond.

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