U.S. State Department continues issuing visas to members of Cuban State Security

The U.S. State Department continues its questionable and inexplicable practice of granting visas to high-ranking members of Cuba’s totalitarian dictatorship as well as agents of the island’s brutally repressive and murderous State Security apparatus.

Via Capitol Hill Cubans:

Castro Triggerman Gets U.S. Visa

Why is the State Department giving U.S. visas to egregious human rights violators, such as Reynaldo Perez Iglesia, from Cuba’s Castro regime? 

In August 2011, U.S. President Barack Obama issued Presidential Proclamation 8697, which supposedly sought to “close the gap” in granting visas to foreign nationals affiliated with human rights violators.

Yet, despite this, Reynaldo Perez Iglesia, a triggerman for the Castro dictatorship, was recently given a U.S. visa and has been in the U.S. for the last three weeks.

He is a known official of Castro’s State Security apparatus in the town of Jovellanos, province of Matanzas.

Perez Iglesia is responsible for the arrest, torture and long-term imprisonment of numerous peaceful opponents of the Castro dictatorship.

He was commonly known as “Papa Tira Tiro” (“Daddy Triggerman“), as he once shot two young boys (age 13) for taking fruits for their sick mother from a local farm run by Cuban State Security.

Perez Iglesia also contributed to the torture and execution of young men at the Baseball Stadium of Jovellanos. The blood was extracted from these young men prior to their public execution.

Ironically, Perez Iglesia is now in the U.S. to receive medical attention.

What type of message does this send to the living victims and the families of those killed by this repressor?

Moreover, it sends a dangerous message of impunity to other human rights violators.

His U.S. visa should be revoked.



2 thoughts on “U.S. State Department continues issuing visas to members of Cuban State Security

  1. Oh, no, we mustn’t be intransigent or anything. We must reconcile with everyone. But wait, what about that world-class free medical care in Cuba? Surely there can be no need for this fine gentleman to come here for treatment, now can there? It must be a mistake. He’s probably coming to give some conference at FIU.

  2. We must hear from our Cuban American Congress men and women on this topic. Hopefully they will write a letter to congress on this very specific topic and raise hell.

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