Che’s Worst Nightmare Comes True


Yes.  The new man, the revolutionary, is no longer just a member of the party, el partido.  El hombre nuevo está partido, y lo que mas le interesa en un party.

So much for revolutionary principles.  The Castro Kingdom is now being marketed as “a warm and friendly destination” for gay travelers who are always “on the cutting edge” and are the “first to establish trends.”

And…. guess what these cutting-edge customers have to say about the island’s record on gay rights: well, it’s a “checkered past,” you see.  Yeah, checkered.  Just like the Third Reich had a checkered past on genocide.

Checkered.   Le ronca.  When it comes to the debasement of language,  and to sheer hypocrisy, no other country can hold a candle to Castrogonia.   It attracts hypocrites and self-deluded fools like no other place on earth.  It is the ultimate ethical dystopia, the top showcase of hypocrisy, and the cushiest imaginable refuge for  the sociopaths who tortured tens of thousands of gays and have yet to be brought to justice.  Imagine that: the same cretins who persecuted gays are still running the country, and now gays want to travel there and fund their repressive regime.   These visitors — as well as many of those who live there —  are among the slimiest enablers on earth.

Meanwhile, in Hell, this must be one doozy of a torture for Che, who has to watch all of his work undone.

From South Florida Gay News:

Cuba Looking to Become Gay Travel Hotspot

Even with State Department travel restrictions and a checkered past of treating the gay community, Cuba is looking to attract LGBT travelers and bring them – and their money – to what was once a forbidden country to Americans.

From April 14 to 21, Insight Cuba, along with gay travel agency Coda International Tours, has put together a travel package to give LGBT people an exclusive seven-night trip to Havana and Cienfuegos full of one-of-a-kind art and cultural experiences.

Coda International Tours founder Jim Smith said gay travelers are “on the cutting edge” and the “first to establish trends.”

“[Gays] are going to places before they’re flooded with the average tourists,” Smith said in a statement. “Cuba is a very warm and friendly destination and a big draw right now, especially for the gay market.”

Tom Popper, president of Insight Cuba, agrees with Smith saying he and his company have crafted a custom itinerary and is thrilled to offer this particular program for the LGBT market.

“In addition to our signature people-to-people activities fostering touching exchanges with locals, participants will also be able to experience the thriving gay community in Cuba as the country propels towards more democratic ideals,” said Popper.

At $3,995 per person, that custom itinerary, which includes accommodations, all meals, guided activities, entrance fees to scheduled activities and in-country ground transportation, starts with five nights in Havana, then two nights in Cienfuegos and wrapped up with a day trip to colonial Trinidad. Highlights of the trip include:

Walking through Old Havana, a UNESCO World Heritage site.
Engaging with resident musicians and artists at Callejon de Hamel, a street rife with art displays and public music performances.
Attending a dance session of Ballet Folklorico de Trinidad.
Visiting the artist Jose Fustar, dubbed the “Picasso of the Caribbean.”
For more details about this trip, visit Coda International Tours.



8 thoughts on “Che’s Worst Nightmare Comes True

  1. Just adding to their HIV crisis. Well, with Hugo gone, it was a matter of time; these leftists are very entrepreneurial, come think of it.

  2. They should visit the former UMAP concentration camps that housed homosexuals and antisocial elements.

  3. The exile community has no organization or individual to counter the regime. The regime is proactive, it initiates plans such as this one to attract the gay community. We talk amongst ourselves and get [justifiably] angry and leave it at that.

    For instance, when Reinaldo Arenas was alive, at the height of a period in time when castro could do no wrong [the USSR had still not fallen], Arenas helped produce the documentrary, “Improper Conduct” that exposed the regime’s homophobia like never before, also, his entire ouvere was a critique of the regime and of those who would defend it. i.e. one of the characters of “The Doorman” is the diabolical Cassandra Levinson.

    In other words, he exposed the regime and alerted people–particularly gays–of the situation. Certain people–especially those with pro-gay sensabilities—started looking at the regime differently. He pulled the veil off the eyes of many and put the regime on defensive.

    Today, with Reinaldo gone and with no institution to take up the cause, the regime is free to act and it has been targeting the international gay community for years now, with its main point person being the detestable mariela castro. Thus, Cuba is fastly becoming a gay destination, especially since the economic situation inside the island [caused by the regime] has forced people to prostitute themselves. Locas from around the world are flocking to Cuba since they know that they can easily get men there who will [unwilling] have sex with them in order to help sustain themselves and their families.

  4. Castro, Inc. is what it is. If it can seduce gays into supporting it financially, it’s primarily their fault for lacking dignity and self-respect, not to mention empathy for millions of Cubans deprived of basic human rights regardless of sexual orientation. The old bastards still running Cuba hold gays in contempt as much now as always, but they’re perfectly happy to take their money—same as with Cuban exiles.

  5. “One-of-a-kind. Cutting edge. Before they’re flooded with the average tourists. Thrilled. Touching exchanges with locals (you know, like a petting zoo). Propels (PROPELS!) toward more democratic ideals…” Really, even P.T. Barnum would be appalled. Any gay person who falls for this unbelievably blatant bullshit deserves nothing but contempt, ESPECIALLY from self-respecting gay Cubans (which obviously does not include Mariela Castro’s conga line of “revolutionary” drag queens). Alas, no doubt there’s a market for this sort of thing, just like there’s a market for Cuba’s child prostitutes. Talk about perversion–quite apart from which gender the pervert prefers.

  6. As for the “Picasso of the Caribbean,” well, it’s too risible for words. Think Romero Britto, only more limp (if any of you have spent money on Britto’s crap, you have my condolences, but don’t tell me anyway).

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