The Absurdity of the “Gun Control” Language and The Assault on Our Intelligence

Obama repeated the gun-control meme about his intended gun control laws once again yesterday while flanked by the families of gun violence victims (and with bobble-head “Shotgun Joe Biden” by his side), “If it saves just one life…” … One? Just “one life?

How incredibly absurd that reasoning is. Honestly, are thinking people in this country listening to this juvenile narrative? Are they hearing it, taking it all in and realizing the other side’s logic and reasoning on pushing for more gun control is asinine at best? After yesterday’s hissy-fit and shaming of the American people who value their Constitutional Second Amendment rights, Obama is using his “executive powers”, yet again, to bypass Congress and the people to get what he wants while his White House flunkies carry the lies as political extortion by top level donors is used on squeamish democrats, and Obama has the nanny troll’s $12 million dollars working his PR for him. Sen. Rand Paul was on FOX last night and he posed the challenge to Obama to point out to him exactly which, if any, of the new proposed gun control legislation would have saved just one life in the Sandy Hook elementary school, anymore than the existing gun laws did (or didn’t). It’s a fair and logical proposition, I say.

Another filibuster is coming alright, and I suspect it will be bigger, longer and louder than the last filibuster. The TEA Party groups and NRA members, and any law-abiding gun owner that can make it to Washington D.C., should gather and rally outside the U.S. Capitol during that filibuster when it happens. A stack of new laws (in the face of thousands of existing laws already being broken) imposed on law-abiding, gun-owning American citizens, just to save one life? I think that unrealistic premise has got to be right up at the top of “Most Idiotic Statements Obama Has Ever Made”. The twisted logic and reasoning is bad enough, but the fact that the man feels comfortable saying it, more than once, to the American public is just astonishing. But then, he is the one who five years ago insisted his daughters would never be punished with a baby”. And yet, mouth-watering dolts, like those over at MSNBC for example, swear this man, Barack Hussein Obama, is the most eloquent communicator ever to walk in unison with Earth’s gravity.

Dana Loesch BOLDLY stood up and stood her ground last night on CNN against foreign, interloping, bastion of objectivity Piers Morgan and avowed communist Van Jones about the left’s/liberal narrative and premise on gun control that is currently being shoved down the throats of the American people. Listen to the tail end of this CNN debate. If Piers Morgan is on Obama’s side in demanding even more gun control laws he must be in agreement with Obama’s idea of trying to save “just one life” out of the dozens lost at Sandy Hook school.

Oh, and “assault” is an action a PERSON does, not an object. “Assault” is usually accompanied by “battery”. Shoving somebody down to the ground. Punching/Slapping somebody. YES, a stabbing committed with a spoon or an ice pick or a 12 inch ruler or a Lincoln Log, or smothering with a pillow, or wrapping a child’s jump rope around somebody’s neck and trying to strangle them, or a cream pie to the face (ask Ann Coulter) IS “ASSAULT” … and battery!!! Whether it is a one-shot front-loading musket circa the American Revolution or a fully automatic military rifle (“machine gun”) it is an inanimate and unthinking object until a person intentionally takes it in hand and operates it. Be it hunting, target-shooting, or murder, the “assault” responsibility is solely on the person who picks up the gun … or the spoon or the Lincoln Log or the pie, and not on the gun. The willful and intentional infliction of ignorance on the American people by those in the government and the American people is nauseating.

For good-measure: A local 72-year-old invalid woman, all alone, was EMPOWERED with her gun against an intruder into her home.