Art imitates life in Castro’s Cuba

On her blog, exiled Cuban writer and best-selling author Zoé Valdés comments that there is no better description of Cubans and life on the island as Woody Allen’s 1971 movie Bananas. After watching the clip below, one cannot help but agree this is truly a case of art imitating life.



3 thoughts on “Art imitates life in Castro’s Cuba

  1. The Fidel Castro imitator is Marxist Puerto Rican actor Jacobo Morales, a real-life Castro admirer. The scene was filmed at the Puerto Rico capitol in San Juan.

  2. I remember meeting Jacobo Morales during the years that I lived in Puerto Rico. It was years ago but I don’t remember any of the Cubans that did work with him directly (they were the reason I was there) telling me he was “un comunista de mierda” but rather “un idealista come mierda”.

    Granted, he has always been an open separatist, one of the less than 3%, but I always had the impression he was the romantic intellectual type instead of the hijo de puta communist type. Shall we say, the type communists use and eliminate after they finish using them (that’s if they are still around after reality bites them in the ass). But I could be wrong. After all, I have never followed the arcane Puerto Rican director to know who he really is regarding the matter. Nor have I ever seen a Communist that ever admits being communist either.

    One thing I can indeed say regarding Puerto Rico’s separatist party, the PIP. They have never had blatant communists as front-men. That brand of cheap leftism from the Castro school has very few fans in that island and, unlike the rest of Latrine America, saying to be pro-Castro in P.R. was like dropping a bad word in the middle of Mass and stamping “pendejo” on your own forehead while at it.

    The very Macheteros who vandalized and killed in the name of the struggle, to then go hide in Cuba, are more legend these days than reality. Such blatant agitators and Castro-like characters had a tendency of heading to New York in search of NuYorican support. This was so because Nuyoricans love the idea of Puerto Rican independence much more than the islanders (aka real Puerto Ricans) but from N.Y.C and while not even knowing Spanish. Oh the irony.

    The smell of Castro’s shit is truly more detectable in any other place in Latrine America than P.R. I truly think the communists know Puerto Rico is a waste of time and effort given its political union with USA and how much the place owes USA. Plus, what’s the interest in 100×35 miles of land that do not represent anything.

    At this point I don’t even know what is the American interest in Puerto Rico. Truth be told, Puerto Rico is no Jamaica and even before USA came into the picture it was better off than D.R. and much of Central America but with its resent exodus of professionals, lost of investors, lost of military bases, high crime, and years of bad public education, the place has definitely had better and more promising days.

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