LBA stands up to unscrupulous Odebrecht

Odebrecht, the enormous multi-billion dollar international construction and engineering conglomerate from Brazil may not have much in terms of scruples, but they do have more than a few friends in Miami-Dade County (most of them no doubt bought) wiling to support them. However, there is one important player in the development industry in South Florida that Odebrecht has not been able to swing to their side and will not be able to count on to support their immoral activities.

That player is the Latin Builders Association, whose president, Bernie Navarro, has made clear that he and his organization cannot support a corporation such as Odebrecht, which profits from the blood money of murderous dictators, such as the Castro dictatorship in Cuba.

Via The Miami Herald’s Naked Politics Blog:

Latin Builders question firm’s Cuba ties

Contractor Odebrecht USA has invited construction trade organizations to attend an information session Monday on a massive new project for Miami International Airport called Airport City. But don’t expect to see the Latin Builders Association there.

The LBA will skip the session because a subsidiary of Odebrecht’s Brazilian parent company is renovating the Cuban Port of Mariel. That connection has put the Coral Gables-based Odebrecht USA in political hot water. Several county commissioners have opposed giving the firm any more work.

“We must be steadfast in our resolve for our brothers in Cuba,” LBA President Bernie Navarro wrote in a letter. “We can’t allow Odebrecht to traffic with our suffering. Our position is not negotiable.”

Navarro, however, made sure to call Gilberto Neves, Odebrecht USA’s president, “a class act.” “His actions and respect for this community are not the same as those of his corporate parent,” he wrote.

Navarro’s letter was distributed by Mauricio Claver-Carone, executive director of the U.S.-Cuba Democracy Political Action Committee in Washington that has vocally complained about Odebrecht’s ties to Cuba. A handful of Miami-Dade cities have approved legislation opposing Airport City.

“I don’t know what’s driving them,” Neves told The Miami Herald’s editorial board last week about the cities’ resolutions. “I hope that the benefits of [the project] outweigh that.”