And how many more like her are there?

Folks, I think you all know that on this blog we call it like we see it. I have felt for the longest time that we have to stop sugar-coating who these liberals and progressives are and call them what they are: marxists, socialists, and crypto-communists. Here is a case in point, via Trevor Loudon’s New Zeal Blog that talks about a California socialist who wants to take our guns. There is no gray area here. This is their agenda. This is who they are.

Yes America, your socialists do want to take your guns, and your land, and herd you into little beehive like urban communities, so they can make you happy forever more.

All over America, communists, socialists and Marxists have been leading the charge for “gun control”

A case in point occurred in Harlem, March 21, where “more than 2,000 predominantly Black and Latino working people gathered on on Adam Clayton Powell Blvd … in a militant protest against gun violence”.

Organizer of that event was Leslie Cagan, a life long pro-Cuban communist, and leading “peace” activist.

Another Marxist leading the charge to destroy American liberty, is Democrat member of the California State Legislature, representing, the 14th assembly district, (which includes Berkeley), Nancy Skinner.

In January, Assemblywoman Nancy Skinner unveiled her bill to crack down on guns or ammunition.

Assembly Bill 48, would require sellers of ammunition to be licensed and for purchasers to show identification. All sales would be reported to the Department of Justice.

The Department of Justice would be required under AB 48 to notify local law enforcement of large-quantity purchases over a five-day period by an individual who is not a peace officer.

AB 48 also would ban the manufacture, sale or import of any device that enables a gun to fire more than 10 rounds at one time.

While nominally a Democrat, Nancy Skinner has also been a member of the US’s largest Marxist organization, the pro-Gramsci communists of Democratic Socialists of America.

Skinner is a veteran of an ’80s trip to Marxist-Leninist Nicaragua. She has also worked for pro-communist California congresswoman Barbara Lee.

But Skinner has mainly used environmentalism to push her socialism.

A “nationally renowned leader in the fight against global warming,” Nancy Skinner founded ICLEI -Local Governments for Sustainability, an organization “dedicated to helping local governments around the world become environmental leaders.” As Executive Director of ICLEI’s US office, Skinner launched the Cities for Climate Protection program —the “US movement of Mayors and cities working to reduce greenhouse gas emissions that now involves over 500 US cities and counties.”

ICLEI of course is the main promoter of “Agenda 21,” the United Nations (read Russian), plan to de-industrialize America, and drive the vast bulk of your rural  population into easily manged urban population centers.

As US Director of The Climate Group, a London based organization, Nancy Skinner worked with Fortune 500 companies, clean tech industries and state and national leaders to pass groundbreaking legislation such as California’s global warming bill AB 32.

She also organized the July 2006 Climate & Energy Roundtable with Governor Schwarzenegger, Prime Minister Tony Blair, and fellow radical former california Assembly Speaker Fabian Nunez & 15 Fortune 500 CEOs, that paved the way for Governor Schwarzenegger’s signing of AB 32.

In 2004 Nancy Skinner brought global warming to the attention of the National Association of State Insurance Commissioners and was instrumental in NAIC’s establishment of an Executive Task Force on Insurance and Climate Change. Last year the NAIC Task Force released a white paper on the Potential Impact of Climate Change on Insurance Regulation and is currently undertaking a Climate Risk Disclosure Survey for insurance firms operating in the US.

Nancy Skinner also served on the California Energy Commission’s Climate Change Advisory Committee and then San Francisco Mayor Gavin Newsom’s Clean Technology Task Force.

So why does Nancy Skinner want to take your guns? A misguided attempt to save you from criminals?

Or is it just a another logical step on the socialist road?

If you have guns, you’re hard to control. People like Nancy Skinner don’t like people who do not like to  be controlled.

Way too messy.

Nancy Skinner and her thousands of comrades, have a plan for your life. To get you where you’re too stupid enough to see where you need to go, they’re going to have to take your guns. They cannot leave you with the ability to resist their enlightened plans. This is for your own good.

People control. That’s what this is all about. Nothing more, nothing less.



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