Election fraud alert: Cuban geniuses at work in Venenozuela


Chavistas Bribe the Military in Caracastan With 20,000 Cars

This may seem like pulp fiction, but according to ABC Spain it is most definitely not.

It appears that election rigging may have reached a new level in Venenozuela, thanks to the “advisers” sent there by the Castro Kingdom.

ABC Spain reports that Cuban officials in Caracastan have devised a two-pronged bribery scheme to secure the support of the country’s military and at the same time garner votes for über-Chavista Nicolas Maduro in the upcoming presidential election on April 14.

Apparently, the plan was hatched back in January, in anticipation of Chavez’s death, even though Venenozuelan officials were then busy releasing reports of Chavez’s astonishing recovery from his cancer.

The Cuban plan is complex and expensive:  First, buy 20,000 new automobiles, sell them way below cost to the Venenozuelan armed forces with cut-rate loans — maybe even give them away — and then use the new military owners of these cars to transport voters to the polls on election day.  (Even though the country’s constitution forbids the military from engaging in any such scheme).

You have to hand it to the Castronoids:  This is a plan truly worthy of Lex Luthor or some comic book villain.  And it’s just the kind of plan you might expect Castronoid leeches to cook up for a client who has petrodollars to spare.  According to ABC, the cars cost about $ 20,000 each, which means that the Venenozuelan authorities need to shell out at least 40 million dollars for this Guiness Book of World Records attempt at vote-buying.

ABC  claims that it has in its possession official documents that prove that the cars are being purchased by the Chavista-controlled Compañía Anónima Venezolana de Industrias Militares (Cavim), through the agency of Diego Molero, Minister of Defense.

In addition, ABC claims that the documents link this venture to Cuban general  Alejandro Andollo Valdés, a very close associate of Molero, the Chavista Minister of Defense.

An opposition politician, Alfonso Marquina, summed up the situation for ABC as follows: «Imagínese usted que de repente llega a su casa un contingente de uniformados para llevarlo a su centro de votación. ¿Qué le dice usted a eso? Se siente amedrentado ¿verdad?»  (Imagine that a squad of uniformed men suddenly arrives at your house to take you to your polling place.  How would you respond?  You would feel intimidated, wouldn’t you? )

ABC has two reports HERE and HERE (in Spanish)



4 thoughts on “Election fraud alert: Cuban geniuses at work in Venenozuela

  1. You know what? I almost want Maduro to win…hear me out. It’s true it is better for Castro Inc. but it’s worse for Chavistas. The center cannot hold in Venezuela. The wheels are coming off. Disaster is imminent and as good as I honestly think Capriles is the bureaucracy is so infested from top to bottom that just weeding them out will take all his energy. All the while he would be blamed for the disaster to come. Chavez died to soon…a couple of years more and he would have reaped what he had sown. The failure of the chavistas must be complete. The entire country, specifically the underclass needs to recognize the bankruptcy of these ideas. Unfortunately this does help C & C Misery Company. No doubt that Capriles would cut them off on day 1 but if they survive and Capriles only lasts a term then the spigot is back on. Who knows? Maybe things get so bad that Maduro has to cut them off? I doubt it, he’s Raul’s favorite but I can dare to dream.

  2. OMG! This is beyond insane…


    Don’t you understand that Maduro and Castro Inc. are going to still that election regardless of what you or I or the Venezuelan opposition think?

    Can’t you understand that Capriles doesn’t have the balls to confront the Chavez/Castro/Maduro machine and their fraudulent tactics?

    Can you be so clueless to think that there is Democracy in Venezuela today?

    Can you be as naive as the Venezuelans that still think that the opposition can win the general election there?

    Come on guy, you’re Cuban-American, not Venezuelan. Sorry if I’m so rough on you as I expect you to be way smarter than that based on our experience…

  3. The opposition can win and has won, admittedly only once in a national vote but yes it would take a miracle and a half. Capriles actually won re-election in his home state so that does say something. And don’t say it is because they want him around. Only way Chavistas lose is if the vote is overwhelming and either they can’t hide it or more likely they delay reporting results for an even longer period of time making it obvious that they are stealing the elections. What the Chavistas have done, however, is circumvent elections in that they shift power to wherever they remain strong. When they lost cities and states it got shifted to parallel councils. When they lost the overwhelming hold in the assembly it shifted more to the President. I imagine that a loss, eventually, of Miraflores will shift more once again to Assembly and officially and more overtly. Winning an election will not save anything but yes I believe the opposition can win an election – I just don’t think it will mean losing power.

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