Beyonce and Jay-Z Celebrate 5th Wedding Anniv. in Havana! (But U.S. tourism to Cuba is illegal…keep repeating it)

“We will be like Che!” (Pioneros por el comunismo)
“I’m like Che Guevara with a bling on!” Jay-Z

Wow! That Yoani Sanchez works like greased LIGHTNING! Who woulda thought her anti-“embargo” proposals woulda kicked in so FAST!!!

From the AP:

“The artists’ publicists did not immediately respond to emailed requests for comment, and the U.S. Treasury Department’s Office of Foreign Assets Control, which is responsible for licensing approved travel to Cuba, said it does not comment on individual cases.”

As usual, the best comes from the Miami Herald:

Superstar Beyonce’s visit to Cuba with her equally famous rapper hubby Jay-Z on Thursday raised eyebrows in South Florida.

The question now: Will their vacation in Havana impact attendance to their upcoming concerts in Miami-Dade?

Beyonce will be at American Airlines Arena on July 10 as part of the Mrs. Carter Show World Tour; Jay-Z will perform Aug. 16 at Sun-Life Stadium as part of the Legends of the Summer tour with Justin Timberlake.

The news of their visit to the island broke on the same week famous Cuban blogger Yoani Sánchez made several well-attended appearances in Miami…

Believe me I re-read the passage many times to make sure I didn’t miss something. But best I can gather:

Person A. (Yoani Sanchez) just visited Miami to a thunderous rock-star reception. She recommends free travel to Cuba for Americans.

Persons B. (Americans Beyonce, Jay-Z and family) promptly travel to Cuba.

Likely result: The same people who gave person A. a thunderous, rockstar reception will boycott persons B.

Oh it will affect attendance alright, Miami Herald. The concerts will probably sell out FASTER!




17 thoughts on “Beyonce and Jay-Z Celebrate 5th Wedding Anniv. in Havana! (But U.S. tourism to Cuba is illegal…keep repeating it)

  1. I’m sure it’s just a coincidence that Yoani, the Castro’s, and useful idiot celebrities all want unlimited travel to Cuba for Americans. Right? Right.

  2. If they like it there so much and are such big fans of Che they should move there. I’m sure Fidel and Raul will let them keep all of their money.

  3. Ziva, me think you may be on to something…

    That’s why I did not bother joining this week show in Miami (you know what I’m talking about). I’m not in the mood to go along with the crowd.

    For some reason I’m not interested because I’m not in the mood to elevate people on a pedestal that I feel they don’t deserve.

  4. First of all, these two are utterly inconsequential and irrelevant in the big scheme of things. In other words, they mean essentially nothing. Yes, this is still offensive, but just look at them–it’s not at all hard to do the math. She’s frankly pitiful, like a wannabe Supremes back-up singer with horrendous taste in men, and he’s like a bad stereotype (or a bad joke) incarnate. Can we really expect any better from such specimens? The tip of one of Berta Soler’s fingers is worth more than both of them together along with their whole entourage. Enough said.

  5. I don’t expect much from a person who is a high school drop-out, former crack dealer (shot three times), stupid Illuminati want to be, one who shot his own brother, who stabbed a record producer, and one who raps with boaster about being a monster who rapes women and children (song “monster” in collaboration with other lucky rich black trash and detestable imbeciles) along with being a god.

    That said, I don’t expect much from a nation who props and holds such stupid and conceited trash as an A-list celebrity and a White House guest who gets a public endorsement by the very president (a president who is, along his mentors, another trash, shamelessness, and reflection of a stupid society in decay).

  6. I love how the regime tailors itself to the fools that they are trying to hoodwink. For instance, is it a coincidence that all of the children surrounding Beyonce are black and mulatos? You know that they can dig up little white kids too, for certain audiences, I’ve seen them do it. When they want to impress Jews, they parade around that Dworkins woman, or the Jewish imposter–and Cuba Expert du jour–Lopez-Levy. Then of course, on his trip to Spain, many years ago, fidel went to visit some aunt that he had that still lived in Galicia, thus, emphasizing his Spanish roots, not to mention how he in the past has, also, spoken about his non-existant Taino roots when trying to impress South Americans. Which brings me to Mariela and her kissing up to gays and lesbians. Is there no end to this clan?

    It’s a non-stop bullship fest. Or as we Cubans would say, “metiendole el dedo por el culo,” a todas estas gente.

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