Two mass murderers, two standards: Sandy Hook and Philadelphia


 From The Washington Examiner, a very perceptive comparison

Guns and babies: A tale of two massacres

David Freddoso

You might not know it, but there’s a mass murder trial going on in Philadelphia. There has been plenty of courtroom drama, and the death penalty remains a possibility.

The media are seldom shy about such sensational affairs, but they have been with one. Perhaps it’s because the accused mass murderer is an abortion doctor, who along with his medically untrained staff is accused of killing a female patient and several babies who had already been born, alive and breathing.

Doctor Kermit Gosnell’s preferred method of killing these latter, according to witnesses, was to sever their spinal cords. Upon his arrest in January 2011, his urine-scented and blood-soaked clinic was deemed a “house of horrors.” (I will spare readers further details, which are far worse.)


This trial’s gruesome revelations are emerging at almost the same time as new details about the loathsome and cowardly murderer who killed his own mother and then 26 others at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, Conn., late last year.

Some will find the comparison inappropriate, but from a political perspective, Gosnell’s trial is to abortion what Sandy Hook is to gun ownership.

Both are emotional cases with horrific details that cry out for public policy debates. And in each case, the debate pits public safety against something widely considered a constitutional right.

The two cases are different in that Sandy Hook received wall-to-wall coverage and thus facilitated a national conversation about mental health and gun control — a debate whose outcome is yet to be determined.

Not so with the Gosnell trial, which has been completely blacked out by the media. The American people are now like a jury, shielded from relevant information because judges (read: editors) decided it might prejudice their views — in this case, against lightly regulated abortionists.

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2 thoughts on “Two mass murderers, two standards: Sandy Hook and Philadelphia

  1. There was another comparison I heard that I thought was interesting.

    Remember Abou Ghrabe (sp?) The left thought it was imperative to display those photos and obsess on them for months. No thought was given to how the photos were of the “torture” of “fellow human beings” or how they might warp young minds. No. Instead care was reserved for the sensitivity of the feelings of brutal murderers of Americans.

    (It didn’t hurt that this was good fodder for the anti Bushies and the anti war people.)

    Now compare that to pictures of what happens when an abortion is done. Oh, no, the same lefties who wanted to push the publication of the pictures of soldiers mocking Islamist prisoners insist that we must never show pictures of aborted fetuses for fear that we could warp the minds of young people. This is a double irony . First there is the hypocrisy of concern for young minds here but not in the other case. And second, since it is okay with these concerned citizens to kill babies in utero and call it choice or a woman’s control of her body instead of what it is, an abortion, once the babies are born, we must protect them from seeing offensive things. If abortion is okay, then why is it wrong to show what the aborted child looks like?

  2. How about this comparison from a comment I just read?

    … why? do liberals believe that outlawing guns will prevent gun violence but outlawing abortion won’t prevent abortions?

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