Beyonce and Sonia: A tale of two black women in Cuba

This is a tale of two black women in Cuba… One a victim of apartheid in Cuba, the other a beneficiary of apartheid in Cuba.

The first is Sonia Garro, born and raised in Cuba. She is currently residing in a Castro prison for the crime of demanding respect for human rights and the freedom to express her views. After being violently arrested, she and her husband (who is also black) have been held for more than a year by the Castro dictatorship without charges and without a trial. The world for the most part does not know who she is and there has been little to no outcry for the injustice she is suffering.

The second black woman is Beyonce Carter, an American music superstar born and raised in the United States. She is currently vacationing in Cuba with her husband, music mogul Jay-Z, as VIP guests of the apartheid dictatorship of the Castro family. She is enjoying the luxuries offered in Cuba only to foreigners, which is staffed by the slaves owned by the Cuban regime, the majority of which are Afro Cubans. The world has been enthralled by the stories and pictures coming out of Cuba of her and her husband strolling the streets of Havana accompanied by bodyguards and handlers from the Castro dictatorship. For the most part, there has been little to no outcry over their incredibly insensitive and idiotic decision to vacation in Cuba and provide support and publicity for a racist regime that would have imprisoned her and her outspoken husband if they had the misfortune of being born in Cuba.

Now imagine how a black Cuban woman like Sonia Garro must feel after hearing that a prominent and influential black American woman has visited her country and instead of advocating for and demanding her release and the end of the apartheid system in Cuba, she is instead partying with regime officials and enjoying amenities not only built and maintained by enslaved blacks in Cuba, but denied to them as well.



8 thoughts on “Beyonce and Sonia: A tale of two black women in Cuba

  1. Both Sonia Garro and Berta Soler would be VERY well known in the US if they were being oppressed by a right-wing regime, in which case this little trip to the zoo would never have occurred. Beyonce is obviously “muy escasa” upstairs, and her husband is beyond dubious. I’m still not sure why he’d go for Che instead of some black figure, unless he figured someone like Malcolm X was too obvious or too predictable. Of course, maybe he thinks Che was a person of color (you know, like all “Latinos”), which would have absolutely appalled Che.

  2. It is really appalling that black celebrities would be whooping it up in a country that would keep an innocent young black woman in jail for over a year without formal charges or a trial, simply because she dared to be “ungrateful” enough to question the almighty government of Massah Castro. It may well be that they’ve never heard of Sonia Garro or Berta Soler, but I doubt they really care about such people, except for PR purposes. Mr. and Mrs. Obama, of course, are a very different story.

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