You Unmitigated Hypocrites!

Remember this, all you castro-Cuba-loving celebrities?

Remember a couple decades ago the very concerned and outraged entertainment industry celebrities and music artists got together to protest the apartheid in South Africa? “Not Gonna Play Sun City”.

The same severe crippling poverty and lack of dignity and human/civil rights for political dissidents, women, gays and blacks that happened in South Africa is happening in Cuba. Cubans are near starvation, and some intentionally starve themselves as their only means of serious political protest. Where the hell is the “Not gonna play or vacation in Havana” music video??!!??

For over 50 years Cuba has been an ugly apartheid at the foot of the USA. So close that those desperately seeking freedom, and life in general, risk their lives and that of their children to navigate the shark-infested waters to reach a “dry-foot” hold on our Florida shores. The bulk of the “Cuban-American” voices in our country are pretty much ignored because they aren’t in unison with those of the liberal/left “Latinos” here. They warn about what they see “progressing” within the USA, and see chilling parallels of what happened and continues to happen in Cuba under the castros and an all-controlling communist government. No, castro is given celebrity, and even hero, status by the entertainment industry and their peers. How many Cubans have been dying under castro’s hand since he took over the country? How exotic is that? And those entertainers who dare speak out against the dictator and Cuba’s horrific conditions risk being ostracized by their own industry.

Yet, Hollywood has a dirty love affair with Cuba, and has no issues with ‘vacationing’ there, and glad-handing with the castros. None demanding the political prisoners be released from castro’s jails. None voicing outrage at the horrific treatment, beatings and even deaths of the peacefully protesting “Ladies in White” by the government thugs. No, just a lovely holiday around the tropical island in the specially government crafted ‘tourist’ areas (that the average Cuban citizen is not permitted to set foot in), and a fawning over the exotic cultural atmosphere of the island nation, all the while ignoring the real cultural atmosphere of the Cuban people for over half of a century. No rubbing elbows with the other Cubans living in castro’s slums in fear for their lives if they deviate just a fraction outside the government impositions. No, Hollywood is only too happy to carry back the wonderful Cuban life testimonials and pro-castro propaganda back to the comfort zone of their elitist lives here. And as I said, it goes unchallenged only because those staunch and righteous anti-castro voices who warn of the truth are ignored, and even ridiculed.


And I would venture to say Obama’s best pals Jay-Z and Beyonce, who are just the latest pampered celebrities to ignore reality, will not be drinking the unclean water typical Cubans have to drink everyday, or visit the areas where the recent cholera outbreaks have happened. And don’t get me started on the sex-trade in Cuba, a lot of it the child sex-trade. I’m sure those Cuban cigars taste wonderful between Jay-Z’s lips, and Beyonce is capturing some great photos on her high-end camera. Has the happy couple on their 5th anniversary retreat asked to visit the American prisoner that has been held in castro’s prison for the last few years? How about a sit-down with Cuban punk artist Gorki Águila who was detained, again, recently? Maybe Beyonce can put on her designer white dress and march in the streets waving gladioli this Sunday with Damas de Blanco? (Search Babalu Blog for the years of extensive coverage of these atrocities, and more.) Maybe Jay-Z and Beyonce can plan an anti-Cuba apartheid music video with Gorki, huh? Don’t hold your breath.

“Not Gonna Play Sun City” my ass…



One thought on “You Unmitigated Hypocrites!

  1. Maggie, the problem is that hypocrisy is quite “normal” and perfectly acceptable–“correct” hypocrisy, that is. Most of these two-faced poseurs know perfectly well they have a double standard, but they figure it doesn’t matter because it’s both PC and advantageous. It’s not just the lack of disincentive, but that there’s gain to be had from approved hypocrisy. It’s a very attractive racket, and they don’t see it as being full of shit, but rather as being smart and getting maximum mileage. Opportunists don’t see anything wrong with being that way, because to them it’s perfectly natural and reasonable–the shortest, easiest, and simplest path to getting what they want. Unfortunately, if people see nothing wrong with that, it’s virtually impossible to reform them.

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