Beyoncé and Jay-Z in Havana another calibrated Cuba plot

Myriam Marquez in The Miami Herald:

Beyoncé and Jay-Z in Havana another calibrated Cuba plot

marquezBeyoncé and Jay-Z trotted around their mothers in Havana for the couple’s fifth anniversary, posing with cute Cuban schoolchildren, dining at a famous paladar — the royal couple of hip-hop-pop creating the predictable paparazzi buzz and Cuban exile lament.

The calibrated juxtaposition of BeJay’s arrival in La Habana late last week with Cuban blogger Yoani Sánchez’s departure from Little Havana has served the regime’s propaganda purposes quite well: See, we let Yoani go to you. If only the U.S. lifted that silly embargo, you americanos could be here, too, spending time with BeJay and company in our island paradise of quaint little poor people staring down from their crumbling balconies. How Third World chic!

BeJay’s tourist excursion in a forbidden land also picks at that always oozing exile scab that Yoani’s visit here had started to heal: the passions surrounding 52-year U.S. trade embargo of Cuba and the travel ban.


Nothing happens coincidentally when it comes to Cuba. The regime knows when to turn over the tortilla, as they say in Spain, for its benefit.

So Yoani calls for Cubans on both shores to unite and tweets photos from Miami with crooners Willy Chirino and Lissette Alvarez, with actor Andy Garcia, and Emilio and Gloria Estefan, all those local Cuban kids done good, gone international stars.

And — poof! — when photos of BeJay’s Havana adventure hit the twitterverse, the Cuban diplomat in Washington, Jose Cabanas, tsks-tsks to a group of foreign and U.S. journalists: “Too much attention has been devoted to this lady, taking a lot of attention from the most important .?.?. news that has been happening these days in regards to Cuba. Including the presence of Beyoncé, the singer, who is today in Havana, enjoying a lot of attention from the public, but it’s not covered by the media — incredible.”

Yes, well, let’s ignore “this lady” Yoani, one of the world’s most talented award-winning writers who’s breaking barriers with new technology to bust open a totalitarian regime’s abuses day after day. Let’s instead focus on two American celebrities whose knowledge of Cuba amounts to mojitos and Cohibas.

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