Mariela Castro: There will be no individual freedom in Cuba, but there is sexual freedom

The crown princess of Cuba’s monarchical dictatorship, Mariela Castro, recently attended a conference on sexual health and education in Brazil. It was there where the daughter of the nefarious dictator Raul Castro told the conference attendees and the press what everyone knows but few have the courage to admit: The Castro dictatorship in Cuba has no intention of respecting or allowing individual freedoms on the island and will not abandon nor weaken its ruling one-party system. However, as a consolation prize, Princess Mariela did remind everyone that although Cubans have no individual freedom, they do have sexual freedom.

“The restriction of individual liberties imposed in Cuba are necessary to defend socialism,” said Ms. Castro, who as a member of Cuba’s royal family is not bound by any such restrictions and is free to enjoy the trappings of wealth and privilege. “We are a society that is constantly defending itself,” the princess explained, referring to U.S. sanctions against her family’s criminal dictatorship. “For that reason, this defense has generated at times mechanisms that do not respect certain rights. It is a way to protect ourselves from terrorist attacks and a bunch of other things.” However, she assured everyone that there is a “full measure of sexual freedom” on the island.

These statements do not offer any new insight into the Castro dictatorship in Cuba since its half-century of dictatorial and ruthless rule by a single family is more than enough proof the Castros have no intentions of giving up power. Nonetheless, from a psychological perspective, it does have one interesting aspect.

When Princess Mariela says “we” or “ourselves,” it is obvious that we and that ourselves refers to her family. The target of U.S. sanctions and the ones who feel its sting is Cuba’s ruling elite, not the Cuban people. The reason Cubans live in poverty and must struggle to find food is because the Castro regime diverts food and resources to the tourist industry and the ruling class. All you need to do is Google “Cuba all inclusive buffet” and you will find plenty of images showing luxurious tourist restaurants and resorts on the island offering seemingly endless buffets of every food you can think of. And you can be sure that neither Mariela nor anyone else in her family has ever had to give up steak or lobster, let alone risk arrest by rummaging through trash bins outside tourist hotels and restaurants looking for scraps of food left behind by foreign tourists.

Therefore, it is more than obvious that when Princess Mariela says Cuba is “constantly defending itself,” what she really means is that the Castro dictatorship is constantly defending its iron grip on power. Call it a Freudian slip or whatever else you like, but make no mistake that Ms. Castro is not thinking about the poor Cuban people who live a life of misery and repression when she thinks about the effects U.S. sanctions have on her family.

You can read the report (in Spanish) on Mariela Castro’s visit to Brazil at Noticias Clic.



4 thoughts on “Mariela Castro: There will be no individual freedom in Cuba, but there is sexual freedom

  1. WTF?

    What more “individual freedom” is there than “sexual freedom”??

    These people really do twist and warp reality into an intestional knot, backing up the shit into their empty heads.

  2. The new “tolerance” for gays in Cuba is conditional: it only applies to pro-regime gays. If you’re gay and opposed to the regime, God help you, because you’re in for it. Same goes for blacks in Cuba. As for the so-called sexual freedom, what good is being able to go out in drag if you’re still denied basic human rights, like everybody in Cuba?

  3. “The restriction of individual liberties imposed in Cuba are necessary to defend socialism [meaning Castro, Inc.].” This would NEVER fly if it came from a right-wing tyranny, but she knows her intended audience will let it pass. Who’s worse, she or those who let her get away with this BS?

  4. Photo caption: “So whadda you want from me, the dictator’s daughter? I mean, get serious.”

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