Beyonce and Jay-Z expose the absurdity of Obama’s Cuba travel policy

If you had to find one good thing about Beyonce and Jay-Z’s vacation in Cuba it would have to be how the press coverage has completely exposed the absurdity of President Obama’s Cuba travel policy. As VIP guests of the Castro dictatorship and constantly escorted by Cuban State Security agents, the press photographed and filmed practically every Potemkin Village tour the couple took in Cuba, proving beyond a shadow of a doubt that the Obama administration’s “people-to-people” contacts and “cultural exchanges” in Cuba are completely orchestrated by the regime and a total farce.

The only Cuban people Beyonce and Jay-Z had contact with were officials and puppets of the Castro dictatorship. They dined at the famous La Guarida restaurant, a supposedly “private” establishment that is in reality owned by Castro regime officials. They attended a performance of the children’s show La Colmenita, a government-run Castro propaganda extravaganza that is borderline child abuse for its blatant exploitation of children. They visited an art college where the only artists allowed to attend must be revolutionary artists and any attempts at free artistic expression are punished by at best, expulsion, and at worst, imprisonment. Beyonce and Jay-Z toured the streets of Old Havana escorted by agents of the regime’s East German Stasi-trained State Security, who pretended to control the crowds the government most likely bussed in for a photo opportunity as they have done so often in the past. A video showed Beyonce dancing salsa to a Celia Cruz song in a trendy apartheid establishment prohibited to typical Cubans, utterly oblivious to the fact that Celia Cruz, a Grammy winning fellow artist, had years ago been denied permission to enter Cuba to bury her deceased mother. And most telling and incriminating of all, neither of these two prominent black Americans were allowed by the regime to visit with or utter a single public word of support for Cuba’s imprisoned and repressed black dissidents.

With so much photographic and video evidence, one can almost say that Beyonce and Jay-Z’s Cuba vacation fiasco has done an incredibly effective job of exposing the absurdity of Obama’s Cuba travel policy. Over the years, few Americans have been able to comprehend the fatal flaws in this policy, but when you see two of America’s most prominent music industry titans being played like fiddles by the Castro regime, it becomes a lot easier to realize.

Last night, I had a very nice conversation with Jason Rantz on his KIRO radio show in Seattle about this. Click the image below for a podcast of the interview.



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  1. The absurdity of Obama’s travel policy? Try the absurdity of Obama’s presidency–and no, he didn’t elect and re-elect himself.

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