Quote of the day – A little bit of regime change in Cuba

After visiting Cuba as a guest of the murderous and repressive Castro dictatorship, Tampa area congresswoman Kathy Castor explains that U.S. sanctions against the tyrannical apartheid Cuban government should be lifted because there has been regime change in Cuba. Well, at least a little bit of regime change…

“How do you define regime change? We’ve had the embargo and travel restrictions in place for 50 years. Fidel was there most of the time; he’s gone now. Raul is there. He’s more of a moderate. There has been a little bit of regime change.”



10 thoughts on “Quote of the day – A little bit of regime change in Cuba

  1. Stop me before I smack this idiot. I am sure her comment is geared to her low information constituents

  2. Either she’s an idiot or her constituents are, or both. Either way, she sounds painfully unfit for Congress.

  3. “Some rapists don’t care what age the female is; those who only rape women of childbearing age are more moderate.”

  4. And to think we will be providing this person with a high standard of living for ALL her life, le ronca el mango!

  5. A modest proposal: If you’re a non-Cuban politician with no real grasp of Cuba’s reality, and you have no imperative need to get involved in that area, then LEAVE IT ALONE. If you don’t, you will only look foolish, and almost certainly suspect, to people who know the score on Cuba, especially if they’re Cuban. There are few things more offensive than people who don’t know jack about your field of expertise but still presume to not only know better than you do, but also to impose their ignorance and/or bad faith. That’s beyond inappropriate; it’s obnoxious.

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