CNN Editorial: U.S. should listen to Chairman Mao and make up with Cuba’s dictatorship

One of the first things you learn when you get involved in the cause to liberate Cuba is that there is no shortage of useful idiots defending and promoting the vicious Castro regime. The very next thing you learn is that many of these useful idiots are journalists with prominent news organizations.

One of these is Simon Tisdall, a columnist for the UK’s Guardian who penned a breathtakingly fallacious and outrageous editorial for CNN calling on the United States to “kiss and make up” with the Castro dictatorship in Cuba. Once you get past the inexplicable penchant of British journalists to spell Raul Castro’s name Raoul, you come across some incredibly scurrilous gems:

Simon Tisdall

[I]n Cuba itself, where the government, now led by Fidel Castro’s brother, Raoul, has embarked on a cautious program of reform. The government — dubbed the world’s longest-running dictatorship by the American right — has even set a date for its own dissolution.

Doing what “dictators” rarely do, Raoul Castro announced in February that in 2018, he would hand over power and that any successor would be subject to term limits

But Tisdall saved his best (or better said worst) for last, invoking and quoting Mao Zedong, calling on the U.S. to follow the advice of the Chinese dictator:

If the U.S. wants full democracy in Cuba, then it should open up fully to ordinary Cubans. Tear down the artificial walls that separate the people of the two countries and, as Mao Zedong once said, let a hundred flowers bloom.

That quote from Mao comes from the beginning of China’s cultural revolution when he made a call to Chinese intellectuals opposed to the communist dictatorship to meet with the regime and discuss different points of view. Many dissident intellectuals took the bait, exposed themselves, and ended up being executed. In all, as many as 7 million Chinese lost their lives in Mao’s cultural revolution.

It is quite possible that Tisdall is completely oblivious to that quote’s connection with the ruthless murder of millions, but what else can you expect from a useful idiot?

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  1. On top of the servile imbecility add a little bit of British petulance to complete it as true leftist publication with an English touch. You may also add pepper at your discretion but I already find it unbearable and repugnant enough. Even people in the other studio next to us can smell that we are dealing with nothing but shit here. Well, here it is, finished, I personally call it the Co^k Sucker although it is also known as Brown Nose, Paid Propaganda, Daring Stupidity, Shamelessness, and some idiots actually call it Journalism or Analysis and even pay for it…

    That is no useful idiot (not completely at least), that’s your typical frustrated and resented communist manipulating and divulging lies in search, and in need, of useful idiots.

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