Cuba “Expert” Phil Peters (now) utterly mum on Paya’s death.

In light of the mounting evidence in favor of Rosa Maria Paya’s version of her father’s death, let’s run this post again, folks–to again highlight some Cuba “Expertise”–to again showcase the motives of the U.S. media’s top source on matters Cuban: (this post originally ran March 6, 2013)

Rosa Maria Paya, daughter of oppositionphil4payaphil2

The Mainstream media’s favorite source on Cuban matters wrote the following a little over a month ago. The post was titled “Carromero Callado” (Carromero is silent) (all bold and italics by intransigent poster.)

“A recent editorial (in Diario de Cuba) called on Spanish Partido Popular activist Angel Carromero to speak in public about the car crash last July where he was driving and dissidents Oswaldo Paya and Harold Cepero were killed. It also called on the family to provide whatever evidence it has for its assassination theory, and to provide text messages it claims to have received rather than just make reference to them.

That’s a reasonable thing to ask if you want to settle the matter – but not to Rosa Maria Paya, Oswaldo’s daughter, who fired back, saying it’s wrong to make demands of victims rather than the executioner…

Carromero remains silent; he appeared at a public ceremony and said nothing to the press….
Carromero and his companion Aron Modig….are out of danger and face no impediment to speaking out. No one has backed up the insinuation that their car was rammed and run off the road – not Carromero and Modig, nor the Paya family, nor Paya’s political associates, nor the Spanish and Swedish political parties that sent two young activists on an “assistance” mission that resulted in the death of two Cubans.

What could Carromero possibly remember now that he could not recall since last July, or in the weeks since his return to Spain? And what can we conclude from this collective silence, other than that it was a one-car accident, as Carromero said in Cuba?

Even the Washington Post is having a second look at those “hard-line intransigents.” In brief, as stressed from day one by all hard-line intransigents (people genuinely knowledgeable of Castroism,) and is becoming increasingly clear even to liberals, the KGB-tutored Castro regime murdered another peaceful Human Rights activist, then with the help of drugs, torture (psychological and physical) and a Stalinist show trial framed an innocent man.

Similar murders behind the Iron Curtain in 1950’s surprised no one. They were regarded as business as usual for such regimes. So when will “enlightened” opinion worldwide realize that Cuba’s is a Stalinist Soviet Bloc regime? Has been from day one –and remains one today.

On this side of Alice’s Looking Glass a person known to accept under-table-payments from this Stalinist regime’s business-partners, who instantly parroted the account of the KGB-tutored murderers against the account from the family of a peaceful and world-honored Human Rights activist, who slyly insulted the drugged, tortured and framed Carromero as a liar, who also insinuated that the murder victim’s grief-stricken daughter and family were also liars–such a person –especially once the truth was established for even the most obtuse–would be banned from all polite company. Instead he’s the mainstream media’s (including the Washington Post’s) favorite source on Cuban matters.

At least he was until last month. So we’ll see.




4 thoughts on “Cuba “Expert” Phil Peters (now) utterly mum on Paya’s death.

  1. Look at PP’s face, then look at the face of Payá’s daughter. Whom do you believe and trust? He looks like the sleaziest of used-car salesmen, with his weak, watery eyes and slit-like mouth, oozing slime from every pore like a smirking maggot. Lord, the nausea.

  2. “Lord, the nausea.” Many people (myself included) often waste hundreds of words trying to get across a sentiment here expressed succinctly and brilliantly in three.

    “Lord, the economy of words!”

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