Nanny Bloomberg’s Overreach on Second Amendment Supporting Sen. Marco Rubio



And the liberals/democrats dare insist “big money” from republicans (Bloomberg is not a republican, and never was) tries to influence politics?

TPM: Bloomberg Group Hits Rubio: His ‘Presidential Ambitions Make Florida Less Safe’

Note to Bloomberg and propaganda company, and democrats and RINOs: The criminals and ‘mentally ill’ have always gotten guns without background checks, and will continue to until the end of time. Why don’t you head to Chicago and ask the nightly shooters how THEY passed a background check to purchase the gun(s) they use on a daily basis to make one of the strictest gun control cities in the nation one of the highest murder rate cities in the nation. Hell, ask the criminals in NYC, where you’re supposed to be spending your time and energy, how they passed background checks. Besides, according to the FBI, “During Barack Obama’s presidency there have been 32 background checks for gun purchases every minute.” That says two things: More background checks are being done because that many guns are being purchased every minute.

I’m really sick and tired of this whole false premise and smoke and mirrors to cover the fact these people are aiming ALL of this gun control legislation at law-abiding, responsible, background check clearing gun owners. By the way, have you seen this (via Doug Ross)? Probably not because the MSM will never carry the truth…

A March 2013 survey of 15,000 police officers covering proposed gun control legislation and attitudes about concealed carry laws had some surprising results:

The survey, which was conducted in early March 2013, received 15,000 responses from law enforcement professionals. It found that the overall attitude of law enforcement is strongly anti-gun legislation and pro-gun rights, with the belief that an armed citizenry is effective in stopping crime. […]

Head to the link for the breakdown of the poll results

(Emphasis mine)

And there is this: Washington Times: “37 of 62 Colorado sheriffs to sue over new gun laws”

But then, very few if any actual physicians/medical professionals were consulted in the writing, crafting, promoting and passing of ObamaCare, which is why nearly 50% of existing physicians are contemplating/planning on quitting once it’s fully implemented … So why would these eager gun-grabbing democrats bother consulting with our on-duty law enforcement?



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